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So i have really sensitive skin, and all liquid foundations have really irritated my face, but this is just as incredible and easy! it gives really good coverage and the shades are true to the name. The packaging is so beautiful too! love the new gold case! i'm wearing it right now and i honestly can't fault it. Brilliant

Can't fault it

This product is just one of those things that are must haves in your makeup bag. It is easy to wear, use and carry around with you. Its great to put on before you sleep and also during the day. I would recommend using this before you apply a lipstick. Be sure to blot most of it out but it leaves the lips soft and moisturised which is great especially if you're using a matte lipstick!

Personal favourite!!


This shade is absolutely perfect for any season. I'm currently in autumn and this works well with any neutral-bronze colour palette. I would also recommend this colour for summer with bronzed skin and simple eye makeup, paired nicely with a summer dress,or denim cutoffs. This was my first MAC colour, and I still love it!

Tips: 1. This is a matte lipstick, so I would recommend ensuring that your lips are well moisturised and exfoliated, as the dryness in your lips could cause the lipstick to crack or look uneven 2. This is a very bold colour which can be worn during the day or at night. My recommendation is that you would apply the colour more lightly during the day (say one coat when necessary) and then at night you would use more than one coat to make the colour stand out 3. Reapplying this lipstick was the only issue I had. I found that if i had eaten and part of the lipstick had worn off, just reapplying the lipstick over that didn't look as good as first hoped. So i would recommend using a makeup wipe when reapplying

Hope this helps :)