Beauty Product Reviews

I use this balm all the time. I wanted to find a good moisturizing product and this delivers. I live in the desert where chap stick is basically a necessity. The tint doesn't show as much as I'd like but once you put it on, your lips stay moisturized which is something I can't say about 80% of the other chap sticks I've used. Buy. It.

get this. now.

This is the greatest primer I've ever used. I have extremely oily skin and when I wear eye shadow it melts right off. But it isn't a coincidence that whenever I wipe this on my lids it stays all day. Some days I just put it on my lids when I don't even wear any eye makeup. It is well worth the money.


I bought the mint kind and while I love any type of mint chapstick, this one was a miss. I live in Utah, where it is dry and I actually need moisture on my lips. This delivers nothing. This piles on product but there is no result. The packaging is adorable and easy to find in your purse but why would you buy a chap stick that leaves your lips dry? Just saying.