Beauty Product Reviews

I have found THE best cleanser

My brushes are well loved and I take great care of them. I, like, many others, spend quite a bit of money on them and we want only the best for them (they kinda sound like children lol!) I have never truly been happy with any cleanser I've used. They were oily, chemical laden, messy and no matter what cleaning agents I used, they smelled like rotten garbage-animal hair and synthetic alike. I figured I would try LBC and see what it was like. So glad I did. It's so easy to use-swirl scrub and rinse. I washed my brushes last night and left overnight to dry. This morning I performed the sniff test and all I smelled was the true lovely scent of English lavender! My brushes were soft and deep cleaned. I am proud to say that I finally found a perfect cleanser. I trusted LBC with my cherished Wayne Goss brushes and my fu-pa brushes and a Haku brush-they are my pricey brushes and proud to say they withstood the cleansing process very well. I just saw now there is a coconut milk and lemon zest scent LBC, now I'm in heaven!!!

Please save your money-.99 lipbalm will do you better.

I don't like to give negative reviews, but I DO like to give honest ones and this was my first Charlotte Tilbury disappointment. It doesn't smell or taste pleasant and doesn't moisturize enough for even a baby's little lips. Considering the price and the size, well, now I'm just really mad for even ordering it. Win some, lose some.

I have the Goss collection and when I saw this brush, I knew it must be mine!! Gorgeous, just perfect. The first few minutes after I unwrapped it was spent brushing my face over and over. So soft and decadent. Thank you Wayne for making these fantastic brushes. I hope there will be more?? hint hint. I want to compliment Beautylish on their customer service for a minute-I have never had such great CS from anywhere in my life. I was kept abreast of the brushes delivery on a regular basis, if there was a delay I was let known. I more than appreciate that. That is why I will be a customer for life. Thank you.