Beauty Product Reviews


These are SUPER GREAT!! I love how u can apply it at school just without lipstick or anything and the pigmentation ROCKS!! I really reccomend this to anyone. It is a GREAT price and it will keep u satisfied.

This foundation is OK!

OK... So I got this foundation and this is just regular foundation. It may say MAC on it but that dosen't mean that the foundation is good. It was about $25 and it is kinda cakey looking on me. I apply it correctly and try to make it look the best but it just won't go. MAC Products are MUCH better for eyeshadows and stuff. But, I don't really recommend this to people. It may be the color but i don't think it is. I will try Maybelline Fit Me next. So, please subscribe to my youtube and stuff to keep up with my videos. And looks at my profile and follow me to see my recent activity. L8TR