Beauty Product Reviews

Super Matte and long lasting

I love beyond anything a Red lipstick. A Matte Red- even better. I own at least 100 red lipsticks from every brand you can imagine. This one is like no other. I love its color I love its packaging I love its formula. It's so unique. Very hard and opaque- I mean this in a good way- it's hard like a lip liner. Easy to apply and lasts for hours without touch up. Love it. Wonder if this is the intended texture? If yes- I am buying more colors.


I was surprised this creased as quickly as it did, I have the magnetic eye pencil which is great! maybe it's the color? not sure but it slipped and slid and ended in a mess in my eye crease.

desert island product

this is hands down the best lip balm, sore nose, facial rescue balm ever. I have been using this steady for 4 years. put it in every night at bedtime and wake up with healed lips. I wear matte lipstick and any and all long lasting lip formulas. which means I Need Help. this balm is it. go through one pot a year as it is only a nighttime product. but overnight, it solve everything. but it has to be the pot not the tube. tube is not the same product. this product is so good that my husband who loves me but is indifferent to my love of product knows this is a major player. he will buy me a new one when I need it and feel all proud, and ask to use it when he needs it. cute. love it, a must have


why do I bother looking for new products to replace ones that I already love? I have been using by Terry baume de rose for about 4 years now, and love it! use it at night before bed and it solves all my dry lip issues. why did I even stray and buy something new? I get bored I guess. this lip product is nowhere near as effective as by Terry. this actually made my lips feel dryer and tight. hated the feeling! will never cheat on by Terry again. I live in matte lips and long lasting formulas of lipstick, so I do need extreme care. this product does not provide it.

Brilliant, AMAZING

for years, years I tell you I have been searching for a moisturizer that can handle my super dry, rosacea skin. reacts to everything and is never HAPPY! I am so glad I gave this a chance. what a complete difference overnight. my skin looks beyond better, it feels better ( feeling as in touch but also not itchy or flaky or tight) make-up application is even improved. love it love it. so happy. I am now back to amazing people about how my skin does not give clues to my age!

shimmer smokey

I have learned to soften my favorite ultra black smoky eye by adding black sparkle or black shimmer eyeliner. i add a thick line of shimmer black, smudge then draw a very thin tight line of matte black just to the outer corner. gives drama but a lightness. i always get compliments when i try this. softer look.