Indie Lee

Squalane Facial Cream


Mayuri H.
Ingredients amount matters especially with the name.

Background: Mid 30s, dry, hormonal acne, reactive skin. I'm currently transitioning acids treatment for hyperpigmentation, melasma from Biologique Recherche P50, PIGM400 (didn't work squat for me) to Retinol, Alpha Arbutin, and Azelaic Acid. The retinol dried my skin. My friend told me about this brand cream that she said healed her dry skin during AHA BHA acid peels. I was sold and bought this. Do note that I have used TO 100% squalene oil and that didn't help with the dryness but I figure, the cream would be more emollient and soothing. So, I bought it without reading the ingredients. While it's mostly natural, squalene was not the main ingredient (despite it being named so). It's mostly aloe, avocado and other oils on the top two rows of the list. That being said, I felt slightly ripped off - dock 1 star. Up next, the moisturizing factor, for my skin at least, it not enough if you're undergoing acid treatments.

I also dock 1 more star since the cream sat on the surface of my skin instead of being absorbed. When I ran my fingers across my face, I can feel the cream settles and form a layer of beeswax-like touch. Now, I'm just going to continue using this on my neck and see if the claim "...ingredients have been shown to improve cellular function, tone and pigmentation resulting in younger, healthier and more radiant looking skin." can fix my chicken skin neck.

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Lisa T.
Not For Combination Skin

I read reviews all over the place before I bought this. I needed a very gentle, not overpowering moisturizer. I'm 47 with Combination Skin and on Retin-A for middle-aged acne so I have dry areas and oily areas. I used this for 3 days and was breaking out--I think it's a tad too oily. But I read the reviews below and this stuff is a miracle for extra dry skin and skin that's prone to rosacea and other conditions. I'll stick with Biafine for now while I shop for a different moisturizer.

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K B.
Excellent product for reactive skin

I am going on my second jar. It has worked wonders for me in the past couple of months especially since i have developed a sensitivity to fragrance. It was the only thing i could wear this winter as i was going through a very odd and long period of rosacea and hypersensitivity. Gentle, soothing, very hydrating, mild smell (almost like play dough) and glides on so effortlessly. The texture is amazingly soft, an oil and cream hybrid. A little goes a long way and it takes a bit to soak in. I purchased the NIOD stainless steel spoon to scoop the product out in a sanitary manner and discovered that a little NIOD spoonful is more than enough to cover the face and neck. The little spoon has helped me control portions and avoid wasting the product, which is not necessarily cheap. It is a small amount of product for the price point, but i continue to purchase it because it has proven to be effective and has addressed my condition succesfully. I will also add, that it has been my introduction to Squalane, which I am absolutely impressed and hooked on now (The Ordinary has the BEST squalane serum, i cant go without it). On my dryest days, or when i need a little extra soothing, i apply The Ordinary plant derived squalane before applying this product on right before i go to bed. My skin drinks it up and feels plump and healthy. In conclusion, I am a serial face cream shopper, but i have found myself returning to this one, which says a lot. Wish there was a little more product in that jar, but other than that, it is a winner.

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Tina P.

I was placed on a medication that made my super dry skin even dryer...very, very dry. I've been using Indie Lee Cream for about 14 days, and my skin feels great! There are no fragrances or other ingredients that would irritate my skin and my pitiful dry patches. And it is so light, I'm able to wear it under my makeup along with my face primer, and it doesn't make my foundation look too heavy. And my pitiful dry patches, their days are numbered! I'm so pleased with this product!!!

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Jasmine C.
Just like the other products of this line, it works!

I currently use the Indie Lee System and I absolutely love it! For a while, I was not using any moisturizer because the ones I had were just not working for me. I thought, since her other products works well for me, I should try her moisturizer! Note: I have extremely dry flakey skin. With in a week the dry patches started to calm down and by two weeks, it was almost gone! Yes this is a little pricey and don't be surprised by the small jar. The stuff works extremely well and a little goes a long way. Especially since the winter is coming, it will be my savior!

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Erika W.
Brilliant, AMAZING

for years, years I tell you I have been searching for a moisturizer that can handle my super dry, rosacea skin. reacts to everything and is never HAPPY! I am so glad I gave this a chance. what a complete difference overnight. my skin looks beyond better, it feels better ( feeling as in touch but also not itchy or flaky or tight) make-up application is even improved. love it love it. so happy. I am now back to amazing people about how my skin does not give clues to my age!

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