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Beauty Product Reviews

More bronzer than contour shade

For my undertones, this works better as a bronzing product. The formula blends well, and wears well. It just wasn't cool enough to create a true shadowy contour. I did find it to work as a bronzer. It is very similar to the bronzer shade in the light version of the Hollywood bronze and contour pressed powder, just slightly warmer.

Don't be fooled by the packaging. If it were not apparent that it were brand new (by the unstained white felt applicator) I would have thought my tube had been used. The formula does not completely fill the packaging, and when you press it out for the first time you will realize this as you have to slide your thumb back mid way into the tube just to hit the product and squish it to the front. That was disappointing, but just as well. For sanitary reasons and harboring of bacteria, the sooner you can chuck this and buy a fresh one, the better.

Real skin look with comfortable, long wear

This is a repeat purchase for me. I have an issue with 95% of the foundations on the market today in that they feel drying and are drying to my skin, constantly pull out moisture, and most of them just don't perform or look as natural as they claim. I'm a Goldilocks of foundation. It takes a lot for me to fall in love. I fell in love with the Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation from La Mer. It blends out beautifully. It does not get stuck in or pool in my pores. It wears all day and into the evening. When I am ready to remove it, it looks just as beautiful as when I applied it. It does not pull my skin tight or drain it of moisture. The finish looks like real skin. I don't have to use industrial strength makeup removers to completely remove it and it has not caused any issues with sensitivity. It does build well, but I prefer to spot conceal if I am needing extra coverage. The finish is soft with a slight sheen. I wait a few minutes to let it set/dry down and find that I only need to powder around the sides of my nose and on my chin, just my preference for where I like to be matte. I hope they keep making it. It's hard to find foundations like this. It definitely stands out from a sea of mask-like foundations on the market today.

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This melts into the skin beautifully and becomes even more lovely with a press of setting spray in a beauty blender (the concealer). The powder didn't show up in my fine lines at any time after application. The coverage is buildable. The two shades offer you three options when mixed, which I love. I don't like using the same shade under my eyes as say, on a blemish on my face. One thing that stood out about this product is the blurring effect. It's one of the truest I've ever experienced. I caught myself staring into a mirror several times trying to understand it. Let's just say it plays off of the light very well and it's apparent this was considered when the product was developed. One of the most beautiful concealers I've worked with in a very long time. I would buy this again.

Grisaille for the win!

I sound like a broken record on social media beauty forums and pages: If you have fair skin, Grisaille is a must!

It's a gorgeous and easy to use and manage contour shade. It has just enough life in it to use as your blush, and it is perfect for the eyes to create a no-makeup look, or just a quick out the door situation.

The formula melds with the skin beautifully, and never "sits" on top looking obvious. It is not one of those lifeless flat and matte shades, but at the same time, there is no shimmer. It somehow just looks like you are getting your 8 glasses of water a day and taking your multi vitamin and eating green things and your skin is singing because of it.

This shade is like complexion lingerie. You start here and build in with your bronzer and blush. Or, just wear it by itself. The trick is to WEAR IT.

I also own the Cantaloup shade, and it's a must for layering and creating unique combinations. Pretty on its own, but when used with other shades it creates other-worldy beautiful hues you can't get even in one of those mineralized multi mixed baked on a tile in Italy situations. And again, the formula melds like a second skin.

I would own more of these if I could see them in person to test and play.

My biggest complaint is the packaging. I wish they did magnetized pans instead of these peel and stick deals. The blush (and eyeshadow) do come with a sliding cover, but be careful as they are small outside of a palette, and you'd easily lose one to a floor vent if dropped. It is not enough to keep me from purchasing. I just hold out hope he'll magnetize someday soon.

Multi Use Home Run

This has quickly become my go-to highlighting product.

Word of caution for those on the fence: the product picks up onto brushes light.

If you are into a mega-watt highlighter, you are going to have to use an extremely dense brush (natural hair will pick more up vs synthetic) to force more product for application, and then you still won't have the same result as say, a Kat Von D, or Anastasia heavier highlight.

This is very subtle, and that is what sets it apart. You can build it very easily, instead of getting more than you bargained for with the first swipe.

Both shades are equally gorgeous. I tend to use the darkest shade the most, and I LOVE it over the top of blushes and bronzer to add a light glow. Hourglass Ambient blushes are my favorite blushes, and the darkest shade in this TF duo blended over the most boring blush can give it that same mineralized and glowy effect you'd see with the Ambient blushes from Hourglass. It's also beautiful used on lids or in the crease by itself, or over an eyeshadow.

It wears well, and takes forever to hit pan. Love it!


I use two products on my lips for healing and moisture: By Terry Baume de Rose and Jouer Lip Enhancer. I came across this product in an effort to find something I could travel with that worked similar to the Baume de Rose, but easy to apply without using fingers, and I had to have something that created the same gorgeous look as the By Terry. This is it. It's not quite as emollient, but it's just enough to protect the lips, and keep them from drying and peeling. I love the texture-not sticky or too slippery, it doesn't smell or taste bad, and the translucent light pink just gives a gorgeous healthy look. I've used it for years. So long in fact that I worry it will fall out of the line since Jouer has became more of an Instaglam brand. I hope they keep it. It's a repeat purchase for me and a staple in my routine.

My Favorite Moisturizing Mask

I've used the Black Rose mask for several years now. It works very well for me as a long time Retinol/Tretinoin user. It does not burn my skin, and it helps to plump up little fine lines, and leaves my skin super soft and supple. I do leave it on for longer than recommended and it always performs.

Not what I expected

I could not make this product work for my hair type: fine texture, lots of hair, straight/no waves or curl pattern. It didn't reactivate any product in my hair to help reform loose heat styled curls. When I gave up on this supposed benefit I went into just using it as a heat styling spray on 2nd day hair. After releasing the hair from my curling iron it caused my hair to become "crunchy." This product added weight and an unwanted crispy texture. Maybe it works better on permed or naturally curly hair? I currently cocktail two different products together to reactivate heat styled curls in 2nd and 3rd day hair. I really wanted this to be a one product solution for that purpose. I wouldn't use this even as my heat protectant on fresh hair.

Unremarkable Setting Powder

Charlotte Tilbury is the saleswoman of the century. After watching any video with her I want everything she uses on the models faces. I've also suffered some of the biggest buyers remorse over her products: Magic Cream, Instant Look Palettes, Eyeshadow quads, Mini Miracle Eye Wand, Lip Cheats. It's not that she produces inferior products. She just hypes them up to a point that many of them just don't live up to the promises, or the price points. The Genius Magic Powder (fair shade) has been added to my growing list of underwhelmed CT products. It definitely has a silky fine consistency, but that's where I run out of good things to say. I thought the pinkness of the color in Fair would lend a brightness to my skin. It did not. If you saturate your finger in the powder and rub it into the skin you will see a slight glow, but merely dusting this onto the face produces zero glow and the finish falls extremely flat. A thick application to try and get the glow produces an unwanted powdery chalk like result and you can tell you have powder on your face. The pore blurring is just not up to par with other powders on the market now, and the promised radiance just never happened until I added the glow portion of my Filmstar bronze and glow. The bitter icing on this cake was that the product made my skin feel like it was pulling tight. It was uncomfortable for me to wear it. I never have that issue with any powder I've used in the last 20 years. It does do a good job of controlling oil, but this one small benefit did not outweigh the other cons. It also smells bad-like earthy clay but worse. I adore Charlotte. She just has a way about her that makes you want to be buds. But I have to remind myself her sales techniques, though advanced, (she knows the buttons to push) and the names that feed into our self conscious like GENIUS MAGIC powder creating instant need are all in place to sell her products. Will I continue to purchase her stuff. Absolutely! She is what is missing from the shopping experience that has turned so boring and terrible over the last 10 years in the retail world. But I'm no longer keeping things that don't hold up to her promises. This one is going back to Beautylish.

Cheap Price. Cheaper Results.

I have used Indie’s Squalane for two years now. I thought I would try to save money by giving the Ordinary Squalane a try. Not even close to the results I got with Indie Lee’s product. My skin started getting that tight feeling on the same day I switched. By the end of the week I had to wonder what I was even putting on my face it was different. This didn’t even absorb as nicely. And both are Squalane. This is not a good economical alternative all. At least I’m only out $8.

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