Beauty Product Reviews


I have had a great experience with this palette so far. Maybe bc my eyelids are oilier (??) so the shadows stick? I love Orion, and made some awesome rose-gold shades mixing either one of the two burgundy colors with one of the golds. One is bluer than the other, and alone would look just wrong on me (I'm a pretty casual person). But mixed, they added dimension to my eyes and brought out the blue color in my eyes. I love Le Metier de Beaute, and mix these eye shadows in a similar way. The mattes are sooo creamy, yes the glittery ones do have fallout, but that seems to be case w most brands. I even tried mixing on my hand, then swiping the brush or my finger tip across that color, and that worked really well. I've been using two MAC eye brushes and (of course) Wayne Goss brushes. The colors are vibrant and very pigmented, but once applied to the eye, create depth and dimension, and I've gotten compliments from people who don't usually notice (my mail gal, for one!). Have not tried w/ a primer, bc I was just "playing", but that may help some. They did last on me for quite a long time, even w/o primer. I'd say if you are familiar w her other shadows or blushes, these are similar - strong pigmentation, unusual colors. The creamy mattes are out of this world, and perfect for a casual look - and when mixed with some of the metallics make the "glitteriness" really wearable. I tried Orion with some of the cooler shadows, too, and that was great - the duo-chrome really pops through. I've never used her eyeshadows before, so I cannot compare, but was very happily surprised to see how easily I could layer a look that didn't look "too done" (for me). At < $10 a shadow, there's not a color here I won't use!!! Hope this is helpful.