Beauty Product Reviews

Love all of Revlons matte lipsticks.

Great investment for a great price, especially when on a budget. I love MAC's lipstick line but its a little pricey. revlon is just as good. If not better (in the matte dept) ....i am a revlon fan and when i do client's make up and they ask i also refer them to revlon lipstick. MAC & revlon are my staple go to lipsticks.

I use the sunset peach and gold dust, usually over my MAC or Revlon lipstick for a nice glossy finish. i have a "natural" lip liner; meaning that my lips are naturally outlined in a rosy pink color, and the rest of my lips are naturally light pink. anyways, I dont like to wear gloss bc of this bc it looks weird to me so i just smooth this gloss over my lipstick and its pretty darn good!

This foundation is perfect for my oily skin. I usually only get oily in my T zone, and over the apples of my cheeks, as i have larger pores in this area. I used to use MAC's studio fix fluid and HATED IT. It was cakey, turned orange after it oxidized, and my face felt heavy. It also broke me out horribly.

This foundation is extremely light weight, and it only takes me one pump to cover my whole face. It has buildable coverage which is also a super plus. either way its very good. i do not have very many acne scars, if any at all, but i do have little moles here and there. smooths right on over. sometimes it looks so soft i forget to set with powder! Great value for a great price!!!! it was about 22 dollars at the time I purchased.


everything about it is great.

i use it specifically for highlight, and it gives me a soft glow/dewy look, without looking greasy. highlight my cheekbone, chin, cupids bow, and a little bit on the forehead and voila!!!!! magic!

staple product for me


gets the job done.

skin feels tight and refreshed.

use about once every other week....sometimes every week during the summer months to keep my oil production low, since I have oily skin.

I have been using this kit for the past 2 years and I LOVE IT. my eyebrows are "wide" but very thin....i get them threaded about once every month or two, and i just tweeze the hairs until i feel it is time to go back....

anyways, this kit is amazing. i usually just go over my brows with the set powder alone....then if i feel its necessary i use the powder and start from the bottom of my brow and usually stay there to define my brow.

i love this kit and it is a must have.