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Jan 26, 2013

Katie C.

I love the peeps!

Jul 20, 2012

Shelby W.

Hey Cristina,
I noticed from the comment you left about nose piercings you have the same problem I do. this one: "Whatever you do, don't let the piercing close. I've had a few infected piercings on my right ear and I removed the jewelry... it left these ugly brown bumps where the piecings were. I had one on my lip and I did the same thing and now I have the same results. I learned MY LESSON. My next piercings I boiled water and added regular salt, grabbed a clean cloth, dipped it in the water, and applied it to my piercings(it will help the blood flow and heal the piercings), I put the jewelry in alcohol , ..... after a while I would put them back in. I agree with the above comment , don't over clean. Do this twice a day once in the morning and once at night. I did this with my tongue piercing, four different lip piercings (after I got tired of them I let them close) , and a nose piercing. No scary purple/brown scarring yet. I hope this helps :)

Well I have a brown bump on my nose where I had it pierced years ago. I was wondering if you had ever gotten yours repierced over the brown spot, and if so did the keloid come back? I really want to get mine repierced and I am not sure if it will make it worse. Just wondering if you knew.

I just had to stop in and comment on how adorable the peep strippers are. :D

Cristina H.

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