Beauty Product Reviews

It's darker than it looks, and only the lightest one suits my skin tone, but it goes on easily, and stays all day. It doesn't look obvious that you're wearing foundation and it's not heavy so it's perfect for summer and a more natural look.

The colours in this palette are so bold and gorgeous. The black is brilliant and I struggled to find a black that was actually pure, blackest black, and the blue is so vibrant and comes out exactly as it looks on the palette. The pencil doesn't snap easily and leaves a bold, clear line. Favourite palette I've ever brought with any brand and would buy it again.

Good for the original gothic style, and if you're looking for a natural pale complexion, mix this with your normal foundation and it looks good. Can be a bit blotchy so the best way to apply it would be with a makeup sponge. I find I need a few layers before it becomes really noticeable.

I started using this product some time last year and It's the only eyeliner I'll use now. It's long lasting and has a great colour. I also love the brush as it makes the eyeliner more precise. I would recommend it to anyone. My favourite shade is Blackest Black.