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Absolutely loved this palette, bought it at New York Time's Sephora, one of the best cosmestics I've bought in recent years, use it everyday now, very suitable for work looks.

Comfortable to use when the weather's dry, or when you're on a plane... Bought the 50 ml version in Osaka, forgot how much exactlyl but everyone keep saying it's a bargain so I bought some....

Absolutely fantastic!

I have heard about this brand for a long time, but due to its price in China haven't been able to try it, then I saw this mist at Heathrow airport, at roughly 15 pounds one bottle, and bought it immediately. I am soooo pleased with this! It's really soothing and smells wonderful, great for refreshement and make up. I'll spray some on during application of concealer, and it helps to put on more product without looking cakey.

When I first considered buying Bobbi it was because of it felt very creamy and natural, but then when I actually bought this one in HK, the texture was not creamy, it was a bit difficult to spread on, and the color was a bit too white for my complexion. Also, I do not like the smell AT ALL, it has a strong chemical smell to it. But it does very nicely as a concealer because of its coverage.

I bought it under the persuasion of the sales person, it smells funny, but works good with a Bobbi Brown foundation, however, I don't really like using it on its own as a face cream, the texture is not very nice. Would not repurchase.

Best lipstick ever!

The pigmentation is very strong, and it's very easy to apply, feel moisturizing, can't even see the lip lines without applying lip balm. I compared this with a NARS one, and this looks better with a bit of shine and moisture. Very reasonable price compared with other products, great value! Really want another one though I might have too many lipstick already...

This is the second time I've bought eye shadow and it's amazing! The quality is really good, does not crack, strong pigmentation, easy to apply, basically all matte color so very suitable for work purposes. I've just purchased the Naked 2, and can't wait to try it. Really love UD, great product, reasonable price points.

It feels really similar to FANCL's black head remover, though at a much much lower price point, it gets dry and a bit tight after you spread it onto the face, but when washed off the skin feels really crisp and soothing. Would recommend as a clay mask.

Not clean enough

I suppose it's because it's VERY mild, its cleaning power is VERY low as well? Does NOT feel clean after washing it...but there's a lot of product compared to the same price points , I still haven't finish using it... would not repurchase .

Best toner ever

It's very very mild, absolutely no irritation, it just feel amazing on the skin, I would want to use it as a face mask if possible. Have already purchased a second bottle and will start using it as soon as the seaweed one is finished.

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