Beauty Product Reviews


It's the perfect scent. Sandalwood and bergamot balance out the jasmine very well and keep this from being super floral. Smells like you took a dip in a waterfall on tropical island. Perfection.

Gorgeous color, hard to work with...

I bought the color bronze moon and had high hopes for this based on the reviews. Nope. I am fairly new at makeup and want product that applies easily. This takes a lot of work to blend out and not look heavy. When it sheers out it becomes nothing but glitter. On my 49 year old eyes, glitter is fine as a halo accent but not the whole lid.

Very buttery going on, dries super fast and doesn't blend well. (for me)

Not good quality...

I bought these for the design, obviously and hoped the quality would be up to par but unfortunately they are not... My real techniques brushes perform better than these.

So beautiful

This set is amazing. Moonstone is the perfect color. The cream gives a glossy natural glow while the powder takes it a step further.

Perfection in a tiny box.

If you have yellow/olive undertones and are sometimes fair skin but tan easily this is the bronzer for you! It blends so beautifully and looks like you have been kissed by the sun. Also makes a great crease color. I love Hoola Lite!

Really nice Serum

I use this in conjunction with The Ordinary's Vitamin C 23% and Reservatrol. I mix The Ordinary Vitamin C 23% with 2 drops of Buffet and 1 drop of Reservatrol. I blend it into my skin for about 30 seconds and then let it sit for 15 minutes before I apply moisturizer and mineral sunscreen. My skin GLOWS. Wonderful product!

There is a learning curve.

I have used quite a few vitamin C products and this one is the best in regards to what it does. However, there is a learning curve. I have tried to use this various ways and it's only now the tube is almost empty that I finally figured it out.

This has to be mixed with something for it to dissolve properly. Let me say this again. This has to be mixed with something to dissolve the grains.

I follow a 6 step skin care regimen in the mornings. Hydrating Toner, Asterwood Naturals MATRIXYL 3000 + ARGIRELINE Peptide, Vitamin C, Camellia Seed Oil, Hado Labo Moisture Milk and Sunscreen. I struggled with how to work this into my routine because when I used Timeless Vitamin C, I used it after my serum since it's a thicker viscosity and this stuff is pretty similar. I tried it before the serum, after the oils, before the lotion. It never dissolved properly until recently I noticed that Asterwood Naturals now sells their serum with Vitamin C added so I figured why not try mixing the Vita C with the serum. BAM! Perfect. Skin still tingled, no grains and my skin just GLOWS.

Let's discuss the packaging. If I could put this in a dropper bottle I would. The packaging on this horrible. This should have lasted me 3 months at least and it's almost empty. I purchased it a month and a half again. It just oozes out of the tube if you set it upright or on its side. I have had to set it straight up but then when I try to get the product out, a big blob always comes out. I have o dab most of it away.

I will continue to buy but have to find a better way to store it. This tube is horrible.

Not really sure what to think

I have used Vit C Serums for the past year and this one is a lot different. There is a definite learning curve. Sometime it's really crusty and I have to spritz my face with toner to absorb, other times it rolls up in a ball on my face. and those moments when it sinks in perfectly. The sting. I love the sting. That is how I know Vit C is working and getting into those old crusty spots on my face. However, it's not consistent. So I won't be repurchasing.