Beauty Product Reviews

Good tone, tiny size

While the cool tone of this sculpting powder is ideal for us fair-skinned girls, this product is an extraordinarily small size at 0.11 oz versus, say, the average Bobbi Brown eyeshadow size of 0.08 oz. Considering this product does contain talc, I see no reason to choose it instead of other low-to-mid range similarly toned blushes, bronzers and shadows.

Wonderful and Precise

Wonderfully soft brush that I enjoy using to lightly set my undereye area. It's also excellent for precise blush application and a light powder contour. I recommend cleaning by dissolving Woolite or Ivory soap in some lukewarm water and gently cleansing the brush. I then comb through the brush head, place a brush guard and dry inverted on a Benjabelle tree.


Handy spray to keep blushes, bronzers, eyeshadows, foundation and concealer sticks sanitary. It does not dry out cosmetics and I would imagine it'd be invaluable to makeup artists. My only complaint is that the 250ml bottle leaks if inverted or knocked over.

Great Tool

My favorite tool for blending under eye concealer. The cleanser is very effective and removes stains from the sponge although I'm not convinced it sanitizes it completely, hence the reason why I avoid applying my foundation with it.

Wonderful talc-free bronzer

When I set out to eliminate talc-based face powders from my routine I wasn't prepared to discover that my high-end cosmetics, including my favorite Bobbi Brown bronzer, all contained talc. This is the only bronzer that I could find that's is talc-free, blendable and natural-looking. I use the medium shade when I want a more defined contour on my very fair skin. I use the lightest shade when I want a subtle sun-kissed glow.