Beauty Product Reviews


Not my favourite eyebrow product. I use an array of eyeshadows for my eyebrows but I heard pretty good reviews on this product so decided to give it a try.

First off, the price is AWESOME!! So well priced for the amount you get. The packaging is simple (like MAC's pain pots) but i didn't expect much. I found it was just way too thick. I started to gently stroke my angled brush in the pot but it still came heavy.

Although it wasn't for me, it's a great product for people with oily skin, people that sweat or people that swim. It is completely budge proof.

Perfect for highlight

Not my idea of an eyeshadow but more of a highlight. It has many small light reflecting particles that just seem better on the cheekbones or on the brow bone

The perfect beige nude. It's so creamy and luxurious that I had to buy two!! It looks amazing with oak (lighter skin) or strip down (med to darker skin).