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Beauty Product Reviews

Amazing coverage/oil control

Ok. I have acne prone skin, and a weird combination between dry and oily, and it's always been a struggle for me to really find a foundation that could actually work with my face type, PROS: Matte Great coverage long lasting affordable CONS thick a cakey appearance is easily sought on, so control the powder ad foundation layers smell is kind of gross sometimes tricky to blend

This was an OK product.

I bought this eyelid primer on a quick whim, only because I had ran out of my usual primer. As far as priming the eyes, and keeping colors vibrant (as normal primers should), this really didn't do much for me. I hadn't noticed any difference in my eye makeup, than do if I forget to use a primer, BUT, it did control my oily eye lids, and also covered the vains and darkness of my eyes because of it's flesh toned base. It definitely isn't terrible, and for the price, I did like it,