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Nov 30, 2016

Tina K.

Thinking of you...

Aug 17, 2016

Shaye M.

You're welcome! It did take me a few weeks to find someone I felt comfortable going to so researching places is definitely a good idea! Good luck! I'll lost a picture here after my touch up to keep you posted! Oh and they do look super natural once they've faded to their initial colour (takes about 4-5 weeks to see the true colour) the touch up is important, most people wonder why they'd need a touch up with brow tattoos if it's a tattoo lol but some people's skin don't take the pigment as well as others and my eyebrow lady personally wouldn't go too deep at the first initial appointment because they aren't supposed to be permanent so they need to get a feel for how your skin reacts, holds, etc. My eyebrows have only had a TINY amount of the pigment not holding in a certain spot on each brow however it's literally nothing major I could probably go without the touch up however I highly recommend going just to make any minor adjustments you might find you want. :)

Aug 16, 2016

Shaye M.

Hey girl! :) I had the feather touch method done! They use a little hand tool with about 8-10 tiny little needles on it that she uses to scrape the individual hair strokes, they do numb your brows for about half an hour before they get to start and then they get to the drawing and measuring your face to get the best brow shape for you and then you can pick the colour you like, my girl had lots of options but they do take into consideration your undertone before they'll pick one and start the procedure, I was told to set aside 2 hours for the procedure however the actual procedure itself felt like it was over in about an hour, them trying to map out your shape takes a little bit (or with me it did) but yeah, I don't regret them at all they've saved me so much time on a daily basis when I'm not wearing makeup however I do still like to fill them in when I have makeup on, I really got them because I needed some brows when I didn't have any product on I was so tired of filling them in everyday just tn have some sort of obvious eyebrows haha! The tattoos look super natural, I actually go back for my touch up in about 2 weeks so I can keep you updated then! :)

May 26, 2016

appi A.

Following you are super beautiful

May 26, 2016

Lisa W.

Hey girly!! how have you been? I've missed seeing your face on threads! hope all is well :-) :-)

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Mariana E.

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