Beauty Product Reviews

My little secret!!

I found my match made in makeup heaven!! I was getting so discouraged with trying to find the right concealer for me that I almost gave up. Then I tried the BB one and fell in love!!! I have very dry skin under my eyes and I worry about it intensifying my fine lines....I mean who wants to look older?? (I didn't mean if you are 18 dying to look 25...LOL) Once I put on my BB hydrating eye cream and let that settle, then apply the concealer....I look in the mirror and say," Oh hello!! It sure doesn't look like you didn't sleep at all last night:)" Its great! If I could recommend one thing though, I would pay the extra $10 and get the concealer kit versus just the concealer (the kit comes with the creamy concealer and setting powder with a cute little poof). It is better bang for your buck!:)

So far so good!!

I just bought this and I really loved how it blends and stays put on my cheeks! I haven't tried it on my lips yet, but will do that soon!! I usually love all of BB products:)

Amazing geliner!!

I love this gel liner!! It really does stay in place AND is easily smudgable if you wanted to incorporate this into a smoky eye. It is a little pricy, but well worth it. I bought I think the new maybelline gel liner to try out and I can't stand it. I rather save money and buy something I know is awesome.

Ehhh, not worth all the hype

I bought this primer after reading all of the reviews on Sephora and how it was like "miracle primer". So I was like "OMG I gotta try it!" After I tried it, the "OMG" factor went down to "Are you kidding?" factor. It was OK. I have to say that when I use my BB (Bobbi Brown) cream eyeshadow in Navajo, it works better as a primer than the UD. Don't take my word for it. This is based on my own personal experience and if it works for you, then BY ALL MEANS keep using it. I just wanted to share my thoughts about it!:) Thxs!!