Beauty Product Reviews

Favorite mascara!

I love this mascara! I compared it too my MUFE and Benefit one, and this is the best! I blotted it a little with a tissue like usual, and it is completely clump free and gives me long lashes.

Completely changed my skin!

I love this cleaner! Because of the sacrylic acid, it is like putting an acne spot treatment in your cleaner. This has gotten rid of breakouts and prevented future ones. After only one use, your skin feels softer and more even. After 1 week, all of my acne was gone! This is my HG product and could not live without it

Sorry but no

After hearing so many raving reviews, I decided to try this product. As soon as I opened it, it smelled horrible, like medicine and crackers mixed together. It also had absolutely NO coverage, and it was incredibly orange. I'm so glad I only wasted $14 on the smaller size and didn't pay overprice for the full size.


This is amazing! It has made my skin super soft and given me a healthy glow. All three ways work really well, and my favorite version is the mask. Also smells SOOOO GOOOOD