Beauty Product Reviews

Color not on point

I bought the shade brunette thinking it would be good for me .... I have dark brown hair. This color is like good. It has shimmer in it and is a very light brown's not wearable for me as it makes my brows look blonde. Haven't used this product once. It's probably good though . Kind of annoyed by the color is so like off and it looks blonde. Anyone wanna recommend a color for me for the pomade ??


I bought this and I really like it!! It is awesome with pigmentation just as every other too faced product , the packaging is a adorable , they smell lovely , and I m in love with the cranberry shade!!!!! Dulcecandy has a great tutorial .... I am on my comp. so don't have pics ATM but ill post some maybe :) of looks I've dome with this pallet .however, I do wish that this pallet would have inluded something else, maybe an eyeliner , brush , mascara something ..... I feel like for 50$ I can buy other pallets that have something other than shadows ! I still love it tho

love it!

i absolutely love this! it has a lovely smell, almost like grapefruit and it leaves your skin feeling fresh, and energized. i use this like three days or so a week. its really nice it foams and almost boils tickling your skin. the only thing is you need to apply it quikly or else it will start to turn from a liquid to a foam lol