Beauty Product Reviews

Makes eyeshadow apply better

Even with cheap eyeshadows you will get the most out of them- makes it apply evenly. I never have bad looking eyeshadow after blending and using this! I swear it makes my eyeshadow practically waterproof too, after being out in the rain or snow it's still seamless.

I want to like it but....

The moisture isn't great- I wouldn't reach for it if I had chapped lips. The color is pointless- I've tried all the colors in the original line and the colors are so sheer and last less than an hour.

One of the better bronzers

The main reason I like this bronzer is because it is matte (at least there's no visible shimmer). It is a bit oranger than some other bronzers- but not to the point that it's a problem. Great for light skin and it has a nice brush for sculpting. If I was going to spend the extra money on a high end bronzer I would go with too faced's chocolat soliel matte bronzer. It's more brown (better contouring color esp. For medium skin tones) and it smells so good, just like chocolate!

Better than benefit porefessional!

I have just recently run out of my benefit primer and I had this one laying around so I started using it- never thought I'd notice a difference from such similar products! My skin felt and looked smoother, makeup applied great. The only thing is I don't know if I could use this in the summer when my skin is super oily.

Amazing volume and intensity

One of my favorite mascaras! I have very long eyelashes and all mascaras seem to work the same for me- but I noticed a difference with this one after just the first coat. Gives doll-like fake lash look.

Nothing special, works fine

I tried this mascara many times, I always accumulate a lot of travel sized ones from gift/value sets. I have very long eyelashes so I like most mascaras, but this one has a formula that can give you spider lashes if not used carefully. The brush is nice for separation as long as there isn't too much product. It's best when applied over another mascara.