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Beauty Product Reviews

Best eye brush

This is my favorite makeup brush of all time - seriously with just this brush I can do everything for the eye needed. All over color with the larger end, crease and eyeliner with the other end, blending and buffing with the larger end. The brush hairs are silky and easy to clean - longevity with this brush I get about 2 years out of my kit which is used almost everyday on multiple clients.


Just got my first try at this foundation yesterday and all I can say is WOW. To the touch the powder is super creamy, feeling like a cream foundation. The pigment content is higher than any I have ever seen. A little dab on the kabuki spread far and wide with more coverage than the original foundations. Finish looks more like a liquid than a powder though not "wet" . Could be very easy to over do it on this product coverage is near 100% with very little underlying skin color showing through. The powders go on lighter than they appear - or if you are familiar with the original loose colors be advised you may have to go a shade deeper in this line. Photographed beautifully with little touch up. BE has made some wonderful updates since they were purchased by Shiseido. 5 stars.