Beauty Product Reviews

Love it!

I've had this duo for a couple years now and it is absolutely amazing! It is so pigmented! The bronzer and blush both that a bit of sparkle, but the sparkle in the bronzer almost fades completely once you blend it. I think this duo is perfect for ALL skin tones, I've tried it on some very fair friends and some darker toned friends and it looks flawless on all of them! The bronzer isn't orange at all, and the blush is the perfect peachy pink color with shimmer. I recommend to EVERYONE!

Pretty good

I purchased 9 shades about 2 years ago. (All colors except for Muted Mauve) The colors are absolutely beautiful, they are pigmented just like any other lip gloss. These glosses has a nice candy scent to them, which isn't overbearing at all. They are a little sticky but still comfortable on the lips. Once the color is applied, it stays on the lips for a good hour before the color starts to fade, and after about 2 hrs total the gloss is completely gone. It holds up pretty good while eating and drinking, and the gloss does not bleed outside the lip line. I would recommend this to anyone starting out with makeup, but if you are looking for some amazing lip glosses, then keep looking!


I purchased this palette almost two years ago and I still reach for it to this day! The colors are beautifully pigmented and vary from shimmery to matte finishes. Eyeshadows are the same size as Mac eyeshadows and in fact, Estee Lauder owns both Mac AND Flirt! so the shadows are very similar. This palette is perfect for ANY makeup lover. You will not be disappointed!

The packaging on the other hand is a nuisance. The palette comes in a box that closes magnetically and has ribbon to tie it shut, and the actual palette itself is probably an inch tall and made of flimsy plastic. I cut the inch tall sides of my palette so it is much thinner and i threw away the box it comes in (the palette comes with a plastic "lid"). After cutting the palette, it is a lot easier to handle. Over all I love this palette and would suggest buying it if you are in the market for some great, pigmented yet inexpensive eyeshadows!