Beauty Product Reviews

  • 2.0
My face is naked!

I bought this for my cousin. She loved it, and it looked beautiful on her! So, I bought one for myself. ;) I've had this over a month now, so I've experimented enough with this foundation. Mostly at work where I am enduring an dietary assistant job as a dishwasher, cook, etc.

Here's what I've found with my combination skin: Coverage: sheer-medium/ It evens out my skin tone plagued by mild rosacea. You will still notice my acne, but it's not drawing your attention to it. It looks very natural when using it sheer, but you can tell a little that it's makeup once build the coverage higher. It really doesn't make my pores "disappear", but it doesn't accentuate them either.

Wear time without primer:6 hours/Towards the end of the six hours foundation sunk into pores on chin and nose area.

Wear time with primer(hourglass veil mineral primer): 7.5 hours/ Towards the end the foundation didn't look like it was seeping into my pores, but it was getting there with it being a bit dewy.

Transferable: It does a little bit. I have touched my face while wearing this a few times, It's like I swatched a sheer cheap eye shadow with one touch.

Drying Time: The foundation is not sticking after I applied it. It's still blend-able when building up coverage. I often find that I don't need to set it with powder! I do when I want the longevity to be extended. (I use UD Naked setting powder when I feel the need. You don't really need a setting powder.)

Scent of the foundation: It does say to shake it before every use, which gets rid of the smell.(Does more than that, btw) I did find the smell the first time I used it to be like how acrylic paint smells. I don't smell that smell now, and I'm pretty sensitive to smells. (Big nose problems lol)

Acne/irritation problems: It didn't bother my acne or cause huge breakouts. I usually blame my hormones.

I usually go with a primer before I wear this. I apply the foundation with a beautyblender dupe for sheerness (1-2 layers), and a 3rd layer with a foundation brush for more coverage.

I recommend this foundation! BUT I would suggest sampling this first at a Ulta/Sephora (if possible)! I went too light(1.0) on my first purchase, but I kept it for my winter shade and bought 2.0. Both 1.0 & 2.0 do match my neutral/pink undertone, but I'm not quite sure if it'll match warmer/yellow undertones. I'll have to make my sister test it out on her yellow undertone. Also, this foundation is about $39usd. Again, get samples if possible! :)


When I saw this at Ulta, I thought it'd be great to try out, since I don't have much soft or toned down colors in general. I thought they looked like "romantic" colors, soft and bold at the same time. I wasn't expecting them to be super pigmented, but they are. You don't need a lot for it to appear with primer. The palette itself looks a bit powdery when I'm finished doing a look. Though, I tapped and blew on my brush before I applied it, nothing on my cheeks. There's three looks on cards that were included, and I tried them. I don't like the looks they created, but they gave me an idea on how to create looks for my eye shape! Overall, a great buy for me!

I'm not a big fan of filling in my brows, but I do from time to time. But this tinted gel has helped me out for when I want softer looks or just want my brows to look a uniformed color. It lasts until I take it off! It's worth the price :)


I knew that these eye lashes were going to be dramatic, but wow! In person, they look bigger than on the modeling mannequin. I really like them a lot! And they do have that spider web like look to them, which makes it even better! :)

I wish it wasn't discontinued!

This is my favorite color from LC! It's oddly dark, but bright at the same time. It goes on smooth (applied wet or dry), and has a subtle blue-green sparkle. I should have stocked up when I had the chance. I haven't been able to find a dupe for it yet!