Beauty Product Reviews

I <3 tigi After Party

Absolutely worth every cent! +smells amazing +looks fabulous +most importantly, it leaves my hair soft and feels and looks healthier

I&#39;ve been given a lot of compliments for having nice smelling hair by a lot of people because of this product! It&#39;s not sickly sweet smelling, but you int smell like a piece of fruit either! It&#39;s just lovely and fresh.

I usually use it once or twice a day, morning/night. It&#39;s great because it kinda deranged your hair, when putting a wide tooth comb through it.

I have really thick hair, rather course, and it is perfect! My mum has extremely course (short) hair and it works a treat in hers. I wouldn&#39;t recommend it for thin or fine hair as it is quite a thick paste.

I use it from the middle to the ends of my hair, as it seems to help with split ends.

As a negative i would have to say that if you put too much in, your hair may feel a but greasy, so less is definitely best!

So sum up I would definitely recommend tigi after party