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Beauty Product Reviews

Best makeup applicator ever!

By far on of the best purchases I've made when it comes to applicators. So much money has even wasted of brushes that don't work! The BeautyBlender is fantastic, and I would recommend it to everyone!!

Love it! Perfect for pale skin.

As a disclaimer, I was given this for free. Honestly, I love it. (I would say if I didn't!) I plan to purchase as soon as mine runs out. I would recommend!

Smells great- but leaves skin oily.

That pretty much sums it up. The smell is awesome, and I LOVE that they don't stink up the entire room like regular polish remover. However, it leaves skin and nails SO oily! Even after washing hands. Used all of them, but I don't know that I would buy again.

Perfect! Best foundation I've found.

This stuff is liquid gold. I couldn't live without it. So light and natural! It's always been a struggle to find a foundation that's the perfect pale shade for my skin, and this is it! Also, I've had no breakouts from this foundation whatsoever, and I tend to sleep in my makeup. Thank you, Clinique!

Love! But super pricey.

This stuff is gorgeous, and I love it! But $20? Come on, now. I don't know that I would spend that much money on it again, but I do quite like it.