Beauty Product Reviews

Un-jelly?! Uh, yeah!

So this stuff is Petroleum Jelly...but not. I put it on my face to remove my makeup and when I wipe everything away, my face is so moisturized! It's baby soft and amazing. THEN, i use a facial scrub and my night is definitely made! TRY IT!

I use this every day. I get a pedicure regularly then rub this on my feet every night after a shower and it keeps them baby soft until my next one. I bought this because YouTube guru, Kandee Johnson, swore by it in one of her videos. I am sooooo happy I did.

The only downfall about this to me is that it isn't lotion. Although it's really smooth, it's thick and creamy. So sometimes, when I'm out and about and in need of lotion, I find myself reaching for this and when I put it on, my hands feel heavy. I've created a routine now though. After I put it on, I put on hand sanitizer (which I am also obsessed with) and in a matter of minutes, my hands are oil free but STILL MOISTURIZED. So all in all, I will definitely repurchase this. AND it lasts a while. SCORE says this girl :)


Honestly, I have been through tons of chapstick. I have tried brands that were well-known and some that I had never heard of and THIS chapstick is the best. The thing I like most about it is that I can layer it. I use this on the bottom and sometimes put lipstick on top. Other times I'll wear a NYX lip cream on top. It's so smooth and it doesn't help my obsession that it's the cutest thing ever. I'm really into packaging and the design is adorable.

I've heard that some people's lips turn white when they apply it on chapped lips. The only thing I have to say as a rebuttal is that 1. you don't need to roll this around 50 times on your lips. It goes on easily. 2. Sometimes when your lips are extremely chapped, chapstick isn't what you need. It's water. Chapstick isn't designed to "unchap" your lips. Adequate amounts of water in your system does the trick. Chapstick helps to seal in the moisture and maintain the smoothness of your lips. So my point: your lips should be relatively taken care of. DO NOT DEPEND ON CHAPSTICK TO KEEP YOUR LIPS FROM GETTING CHAPPED.

Now, back to how awesome it smells great. The end. well, and it's organic and paraben free. So it's kinda healthy too. okay really...the end.

Powder Brush - MAC

This brush is amazing. I have had it for years and through all the washes and everything, it is just as amazing as it was the day I bought it. I use it for so many different applications: blush, translucent powder, bronzer, whatever! It's the perfect size so it works all across the board.

I chose this brush before I was really educated on products and brushes. I was in a MAC store for highlighter and left with all these brushes that one of the employees convinced me I needed. Of all of the ones I bought, this one has truly delivered. It is definitely worth the money. It seems like it lasts forever!