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Yeah I did that. He deserves full name recognition for these beauties. They are WONDERFULLY FANTASTIC! I'll be honest, I work for Beautylish. Nils showed me a mark up for these sometime last year. Immediately I was dancing. Without a doubt, I knew these were going to be awesome, fun and kitschy. What I didn't expect, the quality! I should've known better, Nils always goes hard with passion on all of his projects and these are another masterpiece. They are so luxuriously made. They are sturdy, clean and the brush hairs = THE BEST SYNTHETIC QUALITY. I'm sorry but, Sigma who? And I loooooove Sigma! These bad boys are up to par with my Sonia G. brushes and I think I like a few of them a little more than my Sonia G. I'm not anything more than an avid brush lover and collector and with over 1,000 makeup brushes in my collection, I'd like to think I know a little something something. He infused Cannabis culture with beauty in a whole new way that even if cannabis isn't your thing, you'll at least be left with stunning little masterpieces of beauty. Get it Nils! You did the damn thing! Excuse my language but, if you're sleeping on these, WAKE UP! Buy yourself something fun and pretty and get ready to paint! P.S they come with an awesome little holographic green pouch that's also great quality. They look super pretty when they're stored in there. I mean if you like pretty things ;)

This is what highlighter dreams are made of!

These colors look overwhelming in the pan but translated to the face = Highlighter heaven! I barely put any on my brush and I'm left with a soft dewy glow. OR I can dig in and shine to the gods! Thor preferably lol. Can also easily be used as eye shadows.

I love it.

I just love this product. It's pigmented, smooth and both blend like a dream. Amaretto is so freaking pretty. I use it for a bronzer more than anything but I've also used it as a blush. The highlighter is just pretty as hell.

Stunning shade

I just don't like it on me . It was too dark. But it is really pretty and the formula is great. It's so soft and pigmented. It lasts a good long and applies smooth.


I did not know I could ever love a tiny spoon so much. Definitely buying some back ups. This lil dude is sturdy as hell and even more convenient. I use it for beauty balms, hard to reach product in jars, mixing my foundation, everything!! I love this tiny spoon.


It's not that I don't like it rather I have like 5-10 other products this color. I think I got caught up in the hype. So much so that I really can't even remember how this wore or performed. I wore it one day during the day on vacation in Vegas but I can't remember much else except I know I didn't reapply. Hmm..

Super Pretty

Definitely not as pigmented as I was hoping and the build up wasn't as strong as other skin frosts I love but this is still very pretty. It's soft and kinda whimsical. Again, I'm a sucker for packaging and had to have at least one skin frost from this collection.

Jeffree STAHHHHP!!!

I mean.....come on man. This is just a great color. I don't know how to describe it except that it's literally the best brown for every complexion. It seriously compliments every skin tone. My co worker who is a a darker chocolate complexion wears this so beautifully as her lip but better. I, a marshmallow colored Mexican, can wear this as a deeper nude brown. Oh and let's not forget THE PACKAGING!!! By far his best to date. It's so pretty. I love the soft bold of the chrome rose gold.

WERK I did indeed!

This shade is freaking stunning! It's so so pretty. I wore it for the first time in Vegas on vacation and it transitioned beautifully from day to night. I'm not sure if some people were maybe being too heavy handed or maybe a bad batch but my VLL was in fantastic condition. I only applied one coat and it lasted me well into the Vegas night without my lips feeling dry or having any crumbling. It's so pigmented and vibrant. Ugh I love it!


This is the best magnet ever! Works like a dream removing empty shadow pans from palettes. It's strong as hell too!

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