Beauty Product Reviews

this has glitter.

Not a sheen, so you look like you're glowing. a GLITTER. I have glitter flecks on my face and under my eye. The powder is beautiful it feels great, but I don't want glitter flecks, I will continue to use my hourglass powder which I feel is basically a powder version of their finishing powder. I will be returning this

I never thought pencil brushes served a purpose

Ive tried a few pencil brushes because i always see people see/watch people use pencil brushes for eye looks I absolutely adored but after a couple Uses i just kinda stop using it. Most pencil brushes are pointed like an actual pencil,ranging from small to extra small.

This, this beauty because its round and big(er) you can use this to pack on shadow, of you love cut crease looks amd have slightly hooded eyes. GAME CHANGER. The color and the payoff, or lord. I This brush has inspired me again to play with make up and shadows. Im in love!

love it so much im buying a second one

Im medium skin tone and this is UTTER perfection. If you are fair or light i suggest you use either a squirrel brush or a synthetic brush and LIGHTLY go into the product. its goes on your brush so easily. squirrel or synthetic fibers wont pick up as much powder product as a goat hair would. This isnt something i would use with morphe, it's easy to go heavy. I use my sonia G inochige or domed FLUFFY brush, not dense. OH AND THAT HIGHlIGHT SHINES TO THE HIGH HEAVENS!

I love everysingle thing about this product.


I’m sad, I wanted so much to love this highlighter. I ordered it and couldn’t wait for it arrive came right before my vacation to Cancun. I was soaking in the night sun and this just wasnt doing it for me. I have his liquid frost in Canary Bling that I love but the pink glitter makes it a “for ocassion” highlight. I wanted a blinding highlight for every other day Im trying to blind passerbys. But when i applied it with a brush, finger, and Beauty blender, i got glitter and nothing else. This doesnt have the metallic wet finish that I like it just has glitter. Also the consistency isnt what i was expecting, when Jeffree said ‘gel hybrid’ I was thinking stila heaven hue highlight in regards to texture but it was dry to the touch anf kinda bouncy(?) Then when I swatched it, it had fall out. Glitter explosion everywhere.

Suffice it to say, it is beautiful it just didnt live up to the expectation or had the finish i wanted. If you are into a glittery hightlight this maybe for you.

I wanted a highlight with glitter and a wet finish..


Did I have the money to buy this palette? Heck No. Do I regret it? ABSOLUTELY NOT! Yes this palette is pricey, it's a good thing they offer flexible payments! I absolutely recommended this palette if you are a warm tone lover. The mattes are next level, and I die a happy death everytime I use them. I do hate the plastic that has the name on it, theres more than enough room on that palette to put that name on there, in my humble opinion. I think the mirror could be bigger, especially for the price point but again not a deal breaker. The packaging feels expensive, except for the two cons above.