Beauty Product Reviews

Perfect for a casual, everyday look.

I usually HATE shimmery eye colors, but I took a risk and bought this palette. Worth it! For something like $3 you get the only colors you need to create a very natural-looking eye look for everyday wear. Will definitely be re-purchasing!

You get what you pay for!

These pencils are FANTASTIC for use on the inner corners and as a highlighter. As a lid color, however, they're just too greasy and tend to crease. I suggest picking up a shade like 'milk' or 'yogurt' to use as a highlighter instead of using a more potent shade as a main lid tint.

A better alternative to UD Primer Potion

I tend to have very oily eyelids, which I didn't realize until the UD Primer Potion seemed to behave just like a concealer on my eyelids (ie, not providing much 'stick' for my eye products). This one goes on so smoothly, feels almost like a gel, and works like a charm.