Beauty Product Reviews


This fragrance is so classy and timeless. I feel it can be for women of all ages. It isn't too heavy but lasts all day long. My boyfriend surprised me with it for my birthday last year and I was so excited since I was just obsessing over it at Ulta the day before.


I purchased this on a whim and was very impressed. The unique brush was very helpful in getting the root of the lashes. I used this without even curling my lashes and they still looked curled and separated.

Nothing special

My lips did not feel any more moisturized than before I used it. The shape is also a little odd for my taste. The different scents are nice and my 13 year old cousin loves collecting them all but I don't think they moisturize as well as other lip balms I've used.

Intense Pigment

I just purchased this lipstick over the weekend and I'm in love. It is such a pigmented lipstick that a little goes a long way. It's the perfect Barbie pink for any skin tone or hair color.