Beauty Product Reviews

moisturizing and nourishing

This is on my list of top 2 eye creams I've used and loved. It's competing with Drunk Elephant's C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream. :) This one is not too thick but NOT TOO THIN in formula. I feel like the formula also sinks in very quickly and instantly nourishes my under eyes!

luxurious feel, smells good (not scented), not long lasting with food/drink

I actually love when this is on my lips, but I eat and drink a lot throughout the day, and it doesn't stay on that well while I'm doing that. I think that's pretty much a given with most lip balms, so I don't hold it against the actual product. :)

I do carry it around in the packaging that it comes in (box), because I think the top swings open pretty easily, and I don't want to ruin the lip balm or anything else in my purse! That's what the 4 stars are for. :/

When I wear this overnight, I wake up with very soft lips and who's gonna complain about that? :)

lovely pigment, easy to use for lipstick noobies!

I loved this lipstick. I aaaaalways want to wear lipstick, but I'm terrible at applying it, and I feel like it's such high maintenance to always reapply after I eat (I'm legit eating all day at work). BUUUUT, this one is SUPER easy to apply. It doesn't take too much practice thanks to the shape of the tip. I know a lot of other lipsticks come like this, too, but this one seems pointier(?) and it's not as wide!

However, make sure your teeth are pretty white before you apply... this shade makes my teeth look a bit more yellow :X

powerful, stings my face a little, but works!

I actually really enjoy this mask. It's a bit pricey, but I think it justifies itself, because of how well it works. I won't give it 5 stars, because it does sting a little bit when it's on my face, but my skin is pretty sensitive (turns red pretty easily). even after just one use, I feel like my pores (especially on my nose) look a little bit cleaner. I think with a few more uses, it should do even more work! :)

Long Lasting & Natural Color

I ordered this blush kind of on a whim. I've heard here and there about people using it, but didn't really know what was so good about it at all, but it's definitely a natural flush & long lasting product! Love love love it. Will definitely recommend to friends and family. If I ever run out of this, I'm definitely repurchasing. :)

This is such a simple product and gives you an instant glow! I usually use it by mixing it in my moisturizer (days w/ no make up). I don't wear makeup every day, but when I do, I'll still put this in my moisturizer. When I'm feeling fancy and extra glowy, I mix some in with my tinted moisturizer :)

I love anything with this pump!

HOWEVER, I finally purchased this after I heard many people raving about it and I personally don't think it lived up to the hype :/ I usually use Simple Miscellar Water, which I can grab at Target or Walgreens, is very cost efficient and gets the job done! This product has a mild scent that I don't care for too much. I can look up over it, but in a perfect world, I wouldn't (haha).

I would not repurchase.

smells wonderful and def. a luxury item

I do enjoy this spray a lot. I use it in the summer to cool me down and refresh my skin. I use it in cooler weather to moisten my skin but I also use it under my moisturizer in the mornings to lock in more moisture. :)

pigmented & glowy!

I purchased "First Love" after a recommendation from a beauty blogger and I really just love how natural this looks on my cheeks! It's super easy to sweep on whether you're wearing a full face of make up or the no-makeup look. I actually can't "swoosh" the outer part as much as I thought, because a lot of the powder gets loose, but otherwise love the natural look.