Beauty Product Reviews

tis need o be in everybody's kit

so the parian brush cleanser literally changed my life when i saw the demo and picked it up at imats london this year. it is absolutely perfect for make up artist like myself if u r in a usb and u have only one of your favourite eye brush to use on your client and you need to spot clean and get rid of aaaaaaaaalllll the dirt awswell and the parian spirit cleanser does just that. overall AMAZING !!!!!!!

makes life as a make up artist soooooo much easier

The beauty blender is an outstanding way to do your clients base with. Because if i am working on a client i want a natural but flawless base and the beauty blender does just that. the only bad thing i have to say about the is that the pink one stains a lot and when i go to apply it on the client they might look a little bit nearvos because they think i am using dirty tools on there face. but i have tried the new black one and i have no things to say about it

i looooooooove his product its one of the BEST LIPSTICKS IVE USED the only thing is that its not full coverage maybe thats just me but over all great lipstick

i luv this lip balm soooo much it moisturises your lips really well and last for a long time i really recommend this lip balm sooo good. Whene it came to bying this product i was a bit nervous because if you want a lip blam this pricey you've got to have a good by. But i dont no what all of the fuss was about because in the end it turnrd out to be an amazing product.