Beauty Product Reviews

Too much Hype when there are way better Mascaras out there...Sorry but not Sorry

I wouldn't say that I'm writing a bad review on this particular product because don't get me wrong I absolutely love the Benefit Cosmetic Line (They are Amazing!!) but when it came to this product it completely missed the mark for me. Ladies I know everybody has their own opinion and preferences but the way that almost everyone spoke on this mascara and very HIGHLY I might add, I just simply don't get why people were raving about it. It gave me a little bit of length and volume if any but it definitely was not what I expected. I really had high expectations for this product but unfortunately it was a miss in my opinion. Don't hate me dolls :) It wasn't spectacular and it wasn't terrible, it was just okay. Trying to keep it honest :)

Very Moisturizing

I use to swear by the EOS lip balm and don't get me wrong I still love it but when I tried the Baby Lip Balm in Twinkle I absolutely fell in LOVE with it!!! It is so moisturizing and leaves my lips baby soft :) And not to mention it makes my lips look hydrated and so pouty which I love!! I have no complaints.