Beauty Product Reviews

Too many tradeoffs for not enough payoff.

Short version: stiff formula, hard to control wand, didn't flake or budge, but lost at least 4 eyelashes on one wearing. Longer version: I wanted to love this, after someone I trust recommended it. I liked the idea of it being a tint, thinking it would be very lightweight and darkening, but not feel like a coat of paint on my lashes. I found the applicator to be very imprecise. The mascara keeps getting on my eyelids and not just a little of it (and this was on multiple uses, so not just a learning curve). Trying to get the roots produces more lid mess. Fine - I can remove mess, if the product is good, but I don't care for it. It is very stiff and makes my lashes felt tight and I'm keenly aware of them all day. This darkening and defined the lashes and didn't produce significant lift, curl or volume. It didn't smudge, flake or burn my eyes - a problem I have with most formulas - but it required a heavy duty balm to remove and I still woke up with 4 fallen eyelashes on my cheeks. For me, too many tradeoffs for not enough payoff.

I don't get it

I've been using this for about 2 months and find no discernible difference to my skin, except the introduction of a few, daily whiteheads on my chin and nose - something I've not encountered in my 40+ years. They are easily dispatched, but suggest something is not quite right about the product on my skin. I have neither oily nor dry skin (sometimes called "normal") and minimal signs of aging, which is a result of a lifetime of sun avoidance and genetics. I hoped this would smooth the appearance of some light texture issues where my cheeks transition to my lips and some slight unevenness of tone, but I really see nothing. I've been using it in conjunction with my regular skincare and the HG Equilibrium SPF, in the daytime. Perhaps this isn't for my skin type/concerns. I don't know what the science is, especially in justifying this price point, so it's on me for lack of research. 3 stars because the product is hydrating and has a nice slip and feel when applied. I assume it would be more appreciated on drier skins or skins with deeper concerns than mine.