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This actually makes me skin feel so smooth after using. I have to limit myself on the use otherwise I'd be exfoliating daily haha It's pretty amazing and I will be buying more once I run out.


As much as I wanted to love this, I didn't. I cleaned the bristles a few times and it still felt pretty rough on my skin. The handle is very pretty and if the brush were a little softer, then I definitely would have kept it in my collection.


I'm starting to love Koyudo! I know that I can get them a little cheaper on another site but this was worth it. It's one of my go-to blush brushes. It picks up so much product, cream as well as powder. The handle fits perfectly in my hand <3

Came just in time

I love makeup and I have never tried By Terry before. I'm so happy I decided to splurge on this, so worth it! The color payoff is amazing and I love that it smells like roses! I received an early Mother's Day gift from my spouse, which was a rose, so this palette arrived just in time.

Oh My...

After all the rave reviews for not only Fude brushes, but for Sonia G., I had to purchase. Ever since I started doing my own makeup I had always used synthetic brushes. I am happy to say that I probably won't be going back anytime soon. I love these brushes so much that I had to purchase the Sky Eye Set as well! These are extremely soft and pick up enough product according to how light your hand is. Thank you miss Sonia for making these beauties. I'm officially a stan. <3


I love Hourglass products. I originally bought the gold confessions, then returned them. I should have just kept it. I actually like this lipstick and I love that I can refill it. The packaging is cute and I have been wearing the nude almost daily.


I was surprised at the color match. It worked out for me and the packaging is too cute not to buy. It came with an extra cushion so, it will last awhile. I have never tried a "cushion" foundation before and so far the product has lasted over 8hrs on my skin without touching anything up.


I am impressed! This powder feels like silk, literally! I love it <3 Perfect for my dryish/combo skin. I will purchase again when I run out, if it is still available.

Makes my eyes itch

I love the color of this however, every time I use it, it makes my eyes water and itch. I'm not sure what's in this particular eye pencil that's causing it but I've used other colored pencils before without issues. Sad this didn't work out for me


I've never been a big "cream blush" kinda gal but this is amazing. I apply this with either a beauty blender or the Wayne Goss fan brush, and it lasts all day for me.

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