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Fantastic + sustainable

Love the concept! Bought the soft set 1st, loved it so much, immediately bought the rich set for more intense colours.

Lipstick is so creamy and does not dry out the lips. Blush and eyeshadows are gorgeous, lasted me the whole work day in super hot and humid weather. Absolute adore this set!

Highly recommended. XOXO.

Gorgeous formula + sustainability

Everything to love! As the colours are all refillable, the packaging needs to be sturdy but are yet still stylish and simple. Love the way the items are packed when they arrived too.

Eyeshadows and blush lasted me the whole workday in hot humid weather. Lipstick is creamy and not drying at all.

Loved this set so much I immediately bought the rich set too. Highly recommended, will be one of my fav brand…


Totally love this!!

I ordered on 19apr and I received the box on 21apr, too amazing… so very impressed by Beautylish!

So love all the beautiful goodies in the box! I received pink religion and thirsty palettes, black f’ mascara, silk rope & Sequin glass the gloss, weirdo & Shane vll, and the white star ranch mirror. Total of $217.80… unbelievable value!

Yes so I do already owe some of the items, but this is what surprise bags are all about! And I really love the surprises!!

Will not hesitate to grab a few more if this is available again!! Highly recommended!!

As always, love ya Beautylish and Jeffree! You guys ROCK! XOXO…

Amazing buy!

I saw the surprise bags were available again and I grabbed 2! And now it’s sold out!! Saw that FedEx delivered to me today and I rushed home after work for the goodies! Amazing super fast shipment, only Beautylish does it so well!

Some stuff I already have, but I am so happy there were quite a few items brand new to me!

1st pack: repeats are pink religion palette, thirsty palette, safe word the gloss, pretzel drip the gloss, unicorn blood vll, blood orange mascara, pearlescent pig mirror. New item is crocodile tears vll. Total value usd205.80.

2nd pack: repeat is unicorn blood vll. New to me are pricked palette, weirdo mini palette, 24 well magnetic palette, artistry single cone (although this is also in jawbreaker palette which I have too), Control freak the gloss, dirty royalty the gloss, allegedly vll and star ranch skull white mirror. Total value usd205.99.

Beyond happy, feel so blessed and totally lucky. So thankful I managed to grab these again. Love the JSC surprise bags from Beautylish.

Thank you Beautylish, thank you Jeffree. XOXO.

Absolute must buy!!

I am a huge fan of JS surprise bags from beautylish and I was so excited, I grabbe 2!

Altogether I received 4 palettes (beauty killer, thirsty, blue blood & pink religion), 2 pig mirrors (black & pearlescent), 4 lip glosses (table top, untouchable, mouthful & crystal climax), 4 VLLs (purple urkle, unicorn blood & 2 pumpkin pie), mascara in blood orange & strawberry gum lip scrub. Total 16 items (value of usd412)!

Yes I do have most of the items already, in fact I have all 4 palettes, but I am still so thrilled, and sooo happy & thankful, esp since I got 2 different variations.

Great job Beautylish, and thank you Jeffree! Love you guys!

Super super super!

I feel sooooo lucky! Totally love my boxes… I bought 2 at one go this time and i am so happy I did that cuz the boxes sold out so quickly… I received 2 bundles and 2 mirrors: 1st bundle - pink religion, mini orgy, Orange County supreme gloss, midnight lick the gloss, her glossiness the gloss, I gotta go vll & cherry wet vll 2nd bundle - thirsty palette, black metal straw set, safe word the gloss, candy drip the gloss, Shane vll & celebrity skin vll Mirrors - pink pig & tangerine soft touch crown

Thank you Beautylish, thank you Jeffree, and thank you to the one who packed my special box for me (I am so sorry but I really cannot make out your name)…

Lovely bag!

So happy I managed to get this! So really lucky. I rec’d NATASHA DENONA Love Palette (a repeat for me, but it’s cool!), HOURGLASS Confession Ultra Slim High Intensity Refillable Lipstick I Hide My, BECCA COSMETICS Mini Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Moonstone, WAYNE GOSS The Air-Brush (I think this is what it is!), GOOD MOLECULES Caffeine Energizing Hydrogel Eye Patches Single & GOLDE Papaya Bright Face Mask. I paid a total of usd95 (including shipping) and the bag I got was worth usd209. Thank you Beautylish!! XOXO


I am so so so happy, only 1 repeat and I can use every single item in the bag! I got the HINDASH Beautopsy Palette, VISEART Petits Fours Palette Peridot KITSCH Eco-Friendly Towel Scrunchies, WAYNE GOSS Goss Edit Brush 04, CHARLOTTE TILBURY Hot Lips Hot Emily & GOOD MOLECULES Glycolic Exfoliating Toner (the only repeat). I paid total of usd95 (including shipping) and I got usd191. So I m totally happy! Thank you Beautylish! XOXO!

Woweee… I am so in love!

This arrived a couple of days ago but I have not had the chance to use it yet, so I decided I have to at least swatch it 1st, and boy am I impressed..

All eyeshadows are buttery and and colour payoff is so intense… but eternal is sooooo amazing…. I cannot imagine something so sparkly and so glittery to be so soft and glides on oh so smoothly…

Soul is shimmery and and colour payoff is so good… and the rest of the shades are so universal and just oozes LOVE!!

I just love this palette so much and I know I am going to have so much fun with it.

Highly recommended!


I took a really long time to try this for a first time… and I totally regretted it… why did I had to wait so long? Easy to blend, colour payoff is amazing, fallout is minimal, colour story is totally dummy proof and oh-so-forgiving even if you are a newbie or just someone who needs more practise! Absolutely no regrets buy, highly recommended for anyone, just anyone. With Wayne Goss, you really will never go wrong.

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