Beauty Product Reviews

This was a lip saver! My lips get so dry especially in the winter months and this is a go to for hydration. It’s hard to find a product that really hydrated and stays but this is one that really lasts. The sent is not fruity but sometimes I like a different kind of choice. This is great and definitely worth it.

I love Stila and this was a beautiful color on me. It was a little drying but I always add a balm over my color so it wasn’t really an issue for me. The color is fun and it did make me feel glamorous.

Bliss makes good products. For a home wax this really did the job for me. Going to the salon is so expensive and I just can’t afford to run and have a wax when I need it so this was a great alternative. You get a lot for your money and once you get it heated to a good temp it’s really easy to use. I’ll buy this again!

The older I get the more peach fuss I’m getting on my face. Bliss is a great brand and I like a lot of their other products so I gave it a try. It’s got a very pleasant scent and it took care of my facial hair no problem. Really like this a lot.

This is a fantastic lightening product. I saw this many times before I actually bought it and I’m so glad I did. I had a lot of left over acne scars and a few sun spots I really wanted to lighten because it was really causing me grief when I looked in the mirror. I thought I’d give it a try and I’m not disappointed. Fabulous brand and a really great product.

I’ve tried many hyaluronic acid serums and this is an amazing product. It doesn’t dry my skin out after I apply it and my skin is looking better after every use. Good molecules had so many great products and the price can’t be beat. I am in love this serum and will definitely keep using it again and again.

This is a highly nourishing and hydrating facial oil. The moment I used it I feel in love with it. I use it right before I go to bed and I wake up with my skin feeling smooth and lovely. Good molecules is the best band and all their products are amazing.

I purchased this cream for my 17 year old daughter. We’ve been trying to find something to clear up her acne. The texture is wonderful and it has begun to make her skin more clear. This is a God send for her completion.