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Another great palette from Natasha

I wasn't going to order this because I'm not into orange but then after watching some videos where people used some of the shades to create looks, I knew I wanted it. I wore this for Easter and it looked so cute. This palette requires backup, though. I pulled in some other eyeshadows from Clionadh for my look to give it a little more sparkle and pull the look together. The oranges actually show up on my skin. Many yellows and oranges don't because I have really pink skin. The oranges in this palette do show up on my skin, which is crazy but I doubt I will be using them for any looks anytime soon. Instead, I'm planning on switching around some colors from some of my other Natasha Denona palettes. The two shades in this palette that are just awesome standouts are #1 Snow Cone and #2 Aerialist, and #3 Fun-to-mime. The photo I am including shows my eye look at the end of the night, so you can see how good this looks even after a full night of dinner, drinks, and fun. I applied this at 3 pm and in the photo is almost 9 pm. So, basically after 6 hours.


My light skin is closer to medium than porcelain and I was on the fence between the light gold and satin bronze shades. I chose light gold and it is definitely on the light side for me. I think the darker shade might have worked better. However, the grayish tone of this light contour is actually perfect for my skin and so it's probably better to build this one up than go with something that might have been the wrong undertone altogether. I've been searching for a gray-toned contour because my undertones are neutral leaning cool. So, this was a great choice for the contour. The bronzer actually leans pinker than orange. It's actually quite similar in color to the Butter Bronzer by Physician's Formula. It looks like pinkish gold on my skin. I would advise those with yellow undertones to avoid this particular palette, but if you are neutral or cool, this will work so much better than most other contours and bronzers that exist. The closest thing to the contour that I've tried is the .5 Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate. I am posting a photo with the contours and bronzers I've purchased so far on my journey. None of them have been completely right for me, but this palette is actually the best one I've found for my cool undertones. I'm truly loving this contour shade, although the bronzer is quite similar to the Butter Bronzer and Tom Ford Bronzer in Gold Dust. I guess I'm saying the bronzer isn't revolutionary but this contour shade is amazing for me and it's definitely a good find.

This is a beautiful cream highlight palette. I’ve been using this for over a month and I’m super impressed. I have light skin and all of the shades are useable. You could use these as cream eyeshadows, but I find they work best as highlights. I’ve put this under a light coverage foundation for a subtle glow. I’ve used it on top of foundation and it looks nice. It looks the coolest blended out all by itself when I’m not planning on doing a full face and just need a little glow. I love this product and highly recommend it.

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Baby Lilac is awesome!

I agonized over which one of these to get and I wanted all of them! I finally settled on shade 02, Baby Lilac. It's not very lilac at all, but I've been into lavender blushes lately and I thought this might be nice. Although it's not lilac in color, the colors are vibrant and beautiful. I've been swirling my brush on all of the petals to get a hybrid look from all of them. I suppose you could also use the colors individually, but I haven't done that yet. I love the compact. It is so cute and it comes with this little charm. Seeing this in my makeup bag each morning makes me happy and excited to use this. I saw that these are limited edition and I was so sad. I literally want all of them but I guess I'll have to be happy with this one. By the time I use this up, these won't be around anymore. I hope Jill Stuart changes her mind and keeps these. They are so cute and do the job well.

I like it!

This is my first purchase from this brand. There is a lot of controversy about Jeffree Star at the moment, but I was drawn to this palette because I'm new to makeup and it has so many matte neutral shades. This palette is helping me determine what types of nudes work best on my skin and which don't. I have light skin and the lighter shades in the first row all show up as whites with different undertones. There is a clearly a white that looks best on me. There are two pinkish shades in the second row that are perfect for me, and then a couple of light browns that work well. Most of the colors in the fourth and fifth row are too dark for me and make my eyes look a lot smaller. It's interesting what I am learning from playing with such a large palette with so many nudes that work on different skin colors. The eyeshadow formula is good, but since I don't have any other Jeffree Star palettes I can't speak to the comparison between this palette and his other offerings. I honestly love the dicey shade names too. It makes me giggle when I apply them. Now we can have an orgy in the inner corner and cunnilingus in the crease. I do understand that some people don't like the names and I get it. I also have the mini orgy palette and it is a bit of a dud compared to this one. There are a few shades that are crumbly or hard panned from the day of arrival. So if you're on the fence on that, don't do it.

My first Natasha Denona palette

I've bought some other ones since I bought this one, but this was my first taste of Natasha Denona. I love how blendable these are! I love the color story. This is definitely my idea of a good palette. Sometimes I add a matte neutral palette into the mix when I use this, sometimes I just use all these shimmers together. Either way, I look great and this really looks great with my light neutral skin tone. I now have the Lila and Bronze palettes as well as the Bronze & Glow and Blush & Glow palettes. So, I really love this palette. It inspired me to buy some more from Natasha Denona. Everything from her brand has worked well for me. I tore the name sheet out of this palette a long time ago so I don't know their names, but the teal is and champagne colors are my favorites. These are deep, deep pans. I feel like no matter how much I use I will never, ever hit pan. These shadows will go bad before I use them all.