Beauty Product Reviews

I got this because I needed a new concealer. I find it works great for the dark circles I get under my eyes when I don't get much sleep and for any acne I may have to cover. It's very blend-able, covers well, and stays all day.

Great mascara

As a mascara, it does it's job very well. It separates the lashes and adds volume and a bit of length and I love thickening it for smokey eyes or "sexy eyes". I've had this mascara since it came out, even tried the other version they make (which is crappy in my opinion), and it's still my go-to and I'll always have it in my makeup case. As for lengthening, I have noticed a pretty good amount of difference in the length of my lashes.

Perfect "false eyelash" mascara

I bought this as a tester months ago because I had ran out of my regular mascara. I'm very pleased with it. You can't use it too often though because it does tend to clump up or get too tacky and sometimes pulls an eyelash or two off. I rotate it with my regular mascara (Revlon's original Grow Luscious) and of course not wearing make up at all, and I love how long it makes my really short lashes look, I just wish it was a tad more waterproof.

Wonderful BB

I've always wondered about BB creams and after reading how many people liked this product and putting a little on my wrist to try it (I do this to see how heavy a product is as my wrist is much like my face in this department) I was hooked. I almost thought Ulta didn't have my shade, which I was going to be very upset about, but I found the last one and eagerly bought it. I love that it's so light weight, will make for perfect summer wear, it hasn't smudged, it doesn't come off on my phone. It covers most all flaws, of course for my zits that like to turn red I still put a small dab of concealer on it, but it covers them up and pretty much eliminates all redness. I love how smooth it feels on my face as well. Overall, in love with this product. I'm also going to see how it works with Too Faced's regular Beauty Balm!

Perfect brows, even for beginners!

This is the PERFECT brow pencil. I walked around Ulta looking at and comparing all sorts of brow pencils and small "brow kits", then I noticed Too Faced had this... So I took the tester and marked on my hand next to the others I had tested and this is the PERFECT shade of brown. Some browns are too dark or too light, and being a natural auburn, makes finding the perfect one even more difficult. So, I naturally bought it, took it home and tried it, and it's perfection. Goes on smoothly, I could go darker or lighter if I wanted to, and best part... it doesn't smudge! I slept with this product on and there's nothing on my face, nothing on my pillow... It's wonderful. I will continue to buy this!