Beauty Product Reviews


I got these pigments as a gift on christmas. it seems like every time i put them on a few hours later the colour just falls off. The colors are beautiful. Maybe im not using them right. i apply them on with the fix+ spray. i really love the colors just wish they wouldnt fade away so quickly.

Totally Love it.

I recentlybought this lip balm because my lips get so dry with the cold. it smella great and is easy to use. I always wear it under my lipstick because it makes it much more smooth and lasts a lot longer. I will def be purchasong this lip balm again.


i use this everyday. its very inexpensive and works great. i have really oily skin and this powder leaves my skin flawless all day. i recommend it of you dont want 2 use an expensive powder for work, school, everyday looks etc.


This is one of my favorite bronzers. Its very light more for fair light skin. It looks really natural. The liitle pink blush is so hard 2 get into though. But i still love this broner. I use it for my everyday look ;).


I dont think its a bad product. But it makes my face look really dewy. idk if maybe im using it wrong but when i spray it after my look is done a few minutes later my face looks all nasty ;/. It works great with my pigments though :)