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Sheds bad

I got this brush a while ago because my brush collection was lacking a large fluffy basic powder brush. I ordered from the Crown website along with some others and when I received it, I was underwhelmed. Immediate first impression was that it was scratchy, not as dense as I was hoping and it shed like crazy. I washed it (properly) and dried it in a brush guard hoping that would solve the shedding issue, but it didn't help at all. It just sheds and sheds and sheds...ugh. So, I broke down and just bought the Sigma extravaganza F95 because it was on clearance for 30 something bucks. I gave this brush to my friend who is not as into makeup as I am. At least quality wise, and she's happy with it. So, bottom line, this is an average brush other than the below average shedding, it serves it's purpose and its not extraordinarily bad. However, if your looking for quality in your brushes, don't waste your time and money.

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Holy Pigmentation

This blush is super, super pigmented. I usually lean toward MAC blush as it is the only blush that really lasts on me and has good pigmentation. I prefer a matte blush because I'm just not into glitter on the face.

I just received this in the mail, so I cannot comment on the lasting power, but I was absolutely blown away by the intense color payoff and blendability. In fact, I was so excited to give it a try that I grabbed my blush brush, swirled it in the product and applied it to my cheeks just as I would my usual MAC blush pan and BAM, way way too much. I was pretty shocked and I truly wasn't expecting that for such a light color. However, I grabbed my large powder brush and went over it a few times and it blended right in like a dream and looks amazing.

I normally wait to review, but I'm impressed and figured I could give a first impression review. It did have quite a lot of powder kick off of the pan, but like the other reviewer, Kitty, stated, I can forgive that because it's a lot of product for a good price. Fantastic blusher and I will most definitely be purchasing more now.

Hands Down Must Have

These are brilliant, and one of those concepts that make you think "um, why didn't I think of this." In my opinion, natural hair brushes loose their shape easily. I have a few that I dreaded deep cleaning because they just weren't the same after, no matter how delicate I was and how well I reshaped while they were still wet. Not anymore!! I washed my two most dreaded (yet favorite) brushes the moment I got the brush guards and I must say, I don't know how I lived without it. My brushes are seriously like new, their shape is back to perfection. I also dreaded deep cleaning all of my brushes because I hated finding ways to dry them without damaging them. I always had brushes hanging all around my house and it was annoying to say the least. The Brush Guard makes the drying process so easy I seriously wouldn't mind deep cleaning my brushes every night! (probably wont do that, just saying it is now possible! Something for MUAs to keep in mind though.) Bottom line, if you have invested money in quality tools, BUY THESE. They are a MUST. I'm sure they will extend the life of your brushes by years and they are much easier and more compact than other products such as trees. You can just keep them right in your brush cup, no need to set aside precious space to dry your brushes. I literally just bought a very expensive set of brushes and I'm waiting on them in the mail. I was worried about protecting my investment and considering different options. I bought a single variety pack of The Brush Guard at a local retailer to give them a whirl before I committed. Now that I know first hand how awesome they are, I'm going to buy 3 more variety packs here off Beautylish!