Beauty Product Reviews

One of the most disappointing products to date..

Let me just start by saying I'm one of those people who's never motivated to leave reviews like, EVER, but this product made me feel so strongly that I just had to share my thoughts..

The rating I'm giving is pretty harsh, but I'm taking into accounts the price and the packaging when I score this product. If I'd paid drugstore prices I'd be a little less mad at it.

Packaging: Beautiful and sleek on the outside, very simple but refined and classy. The closure? Magnetic with NO SNAP CLOSE. This really gets me because for me a mini product should be designed with travel in mind, however left to its own devices in a makeup bag, this product could quite easily pry itself open given the right angle on another product. I feel like for the price they could have included a secure snap closure. It does include a mirror but personally this is useless to me as I never use the mirrors in products and this one is just teeny. My product pans also weren't super flush with the actual palette and give the feeling they could quite easily drop out if I were to accidentally drop or bump it.

Packaging aside, the product is also flawed. The blush I have no issues with, it's a beautiful peachy pink with a duochrome shift that gives a healthy sheen on the skin. The formula didn't wow me however and for the price, I can think of other (cheaper) brands that perform better. If you're looking for beautiful blushes in any shade you could think of then you really can't look past Tarte. The highlight sadly, is a different story. I think what makes it even more depressing is I can see that it could have been great, however the addition of a large percentage of chunky glitter ruined it for me. I like how it has no base pigment so I imagine it would suit a variety of skin tones; it won't give you that highlighter stripe but sadly the glitter is VERY obvious, VERY chunky and unfortunately goes EVERYWHERE no matter what brush you use or how you use it. The end look feels like some terrible eyeshadow fallout that you've then gone and wiped all over your face. The only use I could see for this would be either as an eyeshadow topper (make sure you do your eyes before foundation though!) or maybe in photography if you were going for a certain type of look for a shoot.

Overall, everything taken into account, if my friends asked me about this product I would tell them to steer clear. My advice? Save the $$ for brands like Tarte, Becca or Ofra who, in my humble opinion, excel at blush and highlight.

P.S As a first time buyer from Beautylish I can't fault the service. This review in no way reflects this company and I will happily purchase from these guys again.