Beauty Product Reviews

Wow - Powerhouse

Goodness, this stuff is STRONG! It works. I noticed a difference after the first night - didn't need to wait the 4- nights in a row to see or feel improvement. This isn't for beginners. I am 57 and my skin is tough as heck. This is worth it. I already ordered my back up as I don't want to be withouth it. I use this every other night in conjunction with 10% hydroquinone from the Derm. for melasma.

Finally worth the wait!

Such beautiful soft creamy sultry bronzy golds and browns. I never had any luck with By Terry shadows and gave them all away. This one looked so pretty and is worth the wait. Finally - a wonderful shadow palette from By Terry!

Can't beat Surratt Quality

What a great, everyday, simple, no fuss palette. Perfectly smooth for my mature eyes! These colors blend by themselves and the color match is all worked out for you. I have travel coming up soon and I will take this and the beige palette. That is all I need for the week.

The formula

Ok, I sucked it up and purchased this due to all the rave reviews. Wow, I am so happy I did. This is the most basic everyday palette but the quality of the shadows are incredible. So soft, so buttery. Better than Tom Ford - should I say that?

My new toner

This is so good! How can it be so cheap? Love it because I see a difference in my skin. It is gentle enough and yet does the job. I must try their other products.

Creamy, not sticky!

Wow - this is so creamy that it reminds me of a balm but adds that light touch of shine and color. I have already picked up a back up for my purse so that my lips are never without this. It is exactly what I was looking for. The quality of the packaging is super luxe too. I feel a bit fancy whipping it out. Now I'm thinking about that CBD serum...if the gloss is this good then the other products must be as good - if not better.

Shedding does not stop

I really wanted to like this brush but it never stopped shedding! I washed several times hoping it would help but after each wash there is still a tremendous amount of shedding. After applying foundation, I have to spend the next few minutes picking off all the tiny white hairs. Maybe one more wash? I'm not sure.

Holy Grail Primer

I got this as a sample in my Beautylish package so I thought I would try it. Yes! This is the perfect primer for combo aging skin. It's cooling, refreshing and creates the perfect soft canvas for your foundation. Thank you Beautylish for the awesome samples! Love this.

Hard, difficult

I couldn't warm this up enough to scoop it out. Once i dug enough to get a dollop, it was like trying to spread big chunks of salt on my skin. Maybe I will try and microwave it first.

Love - Holy Grail

I love everything May Lindstrom. I made the mistake of purchasing the sample kit. OMG - I love everything. I use this as a face wash and a mask. What a luxury! Turns my bathroom into a spa

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