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The scrunchie I never knew I needed

The toweling is soft and super absorbent. I can step out of the shower, twist my hair up using the scrunchie and no drips. No need for a big towel. Just take it down when you are ready to dry it. And the large, soft toweling won't pull or get caught in your hair.

I got a set of these in my lucky bag this year and am back for more.

good-bye to dry lips

I received a sample of the Crystal Clear and it is such a great look. It is less Crystal and more pearl or "unicorn" a white shimmer that lets your colour shine through while adding dimension. It is not sticky - a definite plus for gloss it's not minty or flavoured it gives your lips a thick, slick gloss

10/10 do recomend.

Gorgeous packaging almost too pretty to use

I love the packaging - it makes it feel so special. And the component has a nice weight and magnetic closure. the formula was very nice - smooth without bleeding. the slight orange/red colour of Van Gogh is really nice.

Oh My Gosh - TYVM for the lovely surprises

I watched a lot of unboxings before my box arrived. As I live in Canada it always takes a while to arrive. I could see we could all expect a mirror (very exciting) and people were receiving the pallets I don't already own so I was very, very hopeful. I noticed quite a few people got one of the new lip glosses with extra pigment and was crossing my fingers... I did not receive one. But I did get the anniversary set of lippies as well as Ryland from the Shane Dawson set. And the lippie holder/stand from the orgie collection to display all my liquid lips. I got the black pig mirror and everyone always says "it is so big" but... it really, really is! I love it :) I did get "Her Glossiness" from the original gloss collection :) and the infamous diet root beer scrub. Now it was just down to the pallet. Please no blood sugar, blue blood or jaw breaker.... and tada! it was Thirsty - one of the earlier pallets. Cute, smaller and easily portable for a weekend kit. But wait - there was another box... Orgie Pallet!!!!! OMG Score! Much happy dancing ensued.. 2 pallets wow. so very happy with my purchase.

Love the look and the clean up

This is not a wonder mascara. You will not appear to have false lashes on when wearing it. There will be little lengthening and no curling. If you add a lot, it will clump

But it does give you good colour and nice coverage. There is no unpleasant mascara smell and I didn't have any flaking or fall out. I rub my eyes often throughout the day and this left no marks.

With most mascara my big pain point is ease of removal. I often wake up with racoon eyes due to left over mascara. This beads up/peels off as you apply eye make up remover. I am very happy with this feature.

Also, the packaging? OMG the packaging. So lux ;)

So - not a miracle cure for thin lashes - little/no fall out during the day - fantastic clean up - a show stopper for display.

Gorgeous packaging almost too pretty to use

I may be more used to the colour dense liquid lip line so this is a bit of an adjustment. 1st - this is one of the most emollient lipsticks I have ever used it has the feel of a lip balm. the Honey, Suck me is a very light colour and when I 1st put it on it is very saturated. But if you are like me and tend to smush you lips together when there is a balm on them it sheers down I found the colour became a little patchy - opaque in some areas and very sheer in others. If i use a lip liner under it i get a much better result. Darker colours may wear differently. So bottom line - I love the hydration, I adore the bullet and the attention to detail on the design. It feels very high end. The colour pay off is not quite there for this one so it needs some tweeking to get a lasting look.

It was worth the cost

I picked up both the bright Poppy and the Vivid Azalea. They were pricey but I know I trust Wayne's products and they didn't disappoint. I am not a heavy blush person as I tend to have redness and don't want to draw more attention to those areas. But this blends out to a beautiful tone. And on the eyelids left heavier handed it is amazing. the Poppy topped with the gold highlight is just outstanding on the eyes. 11 out of 10. And we can't say that Wayne isn't generous with the product. Huge mirror, large pans, great product.

Soft and comfy

I was a wee bit worried reading some reviews of previous JStar pull overs. It sounded like the sizes run very small . Being plus sized and reading of someone size 10 wearing an XL was concerning to me. But, luckily this is not the case at all. The material has stretch to it, making it easy to pull on/off and I do not look like a stuffed sausage wearing a top 2 sizes too small (sigh of relief). It is very comfortable. The pile is plush and warm.

I wish the kangaroo pocket was bigger. I feel they failed to up size this on the larger sizes and so it is not in the most comfortable position.

Overall, I would recommend this and if stock returns would purchase in different colours.


I just can't really get this to work for me. I was expecting a nice pineapple scent but find it more reminiscent of an old pineapple left out too long. The powder doesn't turn into anything but paste in my hands a clumpy paste. I didn't find it made mush of a difference and since it is not fun to work with I just don't reach for this one.

I am a big fan of Good Molecules but this one was not for me.

Everything I wanted in a lipstick

This is not a flashy in "in your face" lip pruduct. It is complentary and enhancing. I can see this working with any look. The formula is smooth and nourishing. The bullet is discreet and feels high end. I listened to reviews talking about it clicking shut and wondered why they were so enthusiastic about this. Don't all lipsticks close? But it really does give you that extra special feel to it.

Like a classic little black dress Wayne's lipsticks will be something you return to again and again. Well done Mr. Goss.

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