Beauty Product Reviews

Love this highlighter!

I'm reviewing on here even though I purchased this highlighter from JSC website. This highlighter is PHENOMENAL. It does seem like a lot of people reviewing are saying horrible things about it which makes zero sense. The formula isn't why your product is arriving damaged. There's no way that it's his formula because I have more than one JSC highlighter that came from his site and their fine. I'm wondering if BL is selling expired product because I've had other issues with liquid lips I've purchased from this site being separated in the tube upon arrival but don't have that issue on JSC site. I feel like it might be beautylish selling faulty or damage during transit.

The BEST if you need curl.

I’ve tried SO MANY different mascaras. My lashes are long and dark but they are board straight. They don’t even curl with a lash curler. This wand is amazing. It does my lashes very well. I absolutely love this mascara.

Love it!

I love anything by JS and this is no exception! Makes my lips super soft and helps my lipstick stay on longer without cracking.