Beauty Product Reviews

trying to attach photos

hope this works. Somehow all the pictures I tried to upload didn't attach. This is the photo of the new mini set and how it compares to the last Sonia G mini set

Love the mini brush sets; comparisons of the two

I bought her original mini brush set 2 years ago and really like the size. I like the shorter handles, as I'm blind once I take my glasses off and have to get right up right next to the mirror to see. Long handles hit the mirror, so I prefer the short ones. Have no complaints about the first set, looking forward to using this new one soon. I'm including photos of this mini set, the old mini set, the face brushes of both minis, and the eye brushes of both minis. And, comparisons of face brushes with others I have bought from beautylish, and Wayne Goss eye set (which I never use).

Paris Etoile isn't the same quality as other petit pro palettes

I have and really like 3 other palettes. Specifically bought Paris Etoile for the darker shades and sadly those shades are patchy and hard to swatch.

has become my favorite brushes

I was on the fence about these being my first Sonia brushes, but really love them. I purchased a Wayne Goss eye set that I don't really love and regret buying. These eye brushes are perfect. They are smaller, yes, but work fine for me. Face brushes I love too, and expect to use them more now that masks aren't mandatory where I live. I found these a good investment and am buying two more brushes. If you like and use long handles these aren't for you. I personally don't need them to be long. As to the handle color, I'm one of those people who will use any brush that works for me, no matter the color of the handles.