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Perfect brush!

I don't need all of the other face brushes, just the eye ones. These are So incredibly soft, I literally have no need for the rest of my brushes!!!

Poops So soft! It's Perfect!

I haven't used natural hair brushes before, but, I am a HUGE FAN NOW!! I bot 2 brushes, & these are the ONLY ONES I use now!

Er mer gerd! SOO HAPPY!!

I am new to make-up, and I kinda SUCK. FERAL PALATE- HUGE BLUNDER! Every PALATE I've tried, was a HUGE FAIL! HOWEVER- This kitty palate- is a HOMERUN , EVERYTIME!! I LUV this fun size thing! I will Stick to 9 shadow palates- its a smart move for me! The shadows have ZERO kick up, ZERO fall out. They BLEND SOOO SMOOTHLY! I paired this with my smoke show, to LIGHTEN UP the green, made it glow! So AWESOME! Have FUN!!!


This took off EVERYTHING! I didnt order this. It was tossed into my order as a FREEBIE! So, I only have a small sized container. I'm SO HAPPY that beautylish is on thier game! Eventho I did my reviews on my purchad items, I didn't kno how to review this one, since it wasnt in my order, and the writing was too small, I was doomed. This product EVEN TAKES OFF JEFFREE STAR products! And you know his stuff is like ROAD TAR- it's made to STAY, FOREVER! This will take it off! Sorry Jeffree- you have been foiled!!

Truly invisible!! AWESOME!!

This my favorite primer Ive used my whole life !!! Highly recommend!!! It's as clear as lip balm, slooth as Vaseline, and when it dries , your make-up dont budge!! I am very OPEN MINDED, and I am Gane for ANYTHING new!! Too bad I coodnt get paid to test products!!! 😂!!!


At first, I had NO IDEA what what an invisible primer cood be, I ALWAYS come into EVERY REVIEW with an open mind. 😜 The product has the appearance of lip balm. The texture is smooth & glidey. ☺ DONT use a brush, SERIOUSLY! 😱 Use YOUR fingertip. Since its clear, thats the ONLY way you will know where you put it! 😂 Using your fingertip, also lets you SAVE PRODUCT!!! It dries down within a minute-ISH. After 4 days of using this, I went back to my COVERGIRL PRIMER, for a CHECK- SEE wats the difference. I soon realized I LOVED this one WAAAY better! The Covergirl is tinted. INVISIBLE IS MY CHOICE, for now on!!!💜💙💛💕😍

I am in LUV LUV LUV with my brush!

So soft, so easy to clean! T he PERFECT BRUSH! I only used THIS brush, to create an entire eye look! I just wiped the brush with a washcloth, & DONE!


Hooded eyes are tricky to maneuver AROUND! However, this little guy doesn't care! It goes EVERYWHERE you want! And its SO, SOFT & CLEANING is a BREEEZE! I just wiped it off. MAYBE if you put something ODD on it, you might have to use a different cleaning method, but, I just got it, Im not there.


I did an entire look using only THIS brush, DRY, SOPT CLEANING WITH A washcloth, as needed. MIND BLOWN! I need to ReTHINK my brush sitch now!! I'm going to buy more of his brushes!!!

WOW!! I'M a customer for LIFE!

Iby accident, I purchased 2. But, I WONT be returning it! I'll give it to my daughter. I have used tryed this brush, and I'm thoroughly impressed!! Matter of fact, to cleal this brush, I just wiped it on a terry cloth towel! This a perfect brush!

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