Beauty Product Reviews

I’m so glad I get to finally own these brush!

I have been waiting for these brushes to come back in stock. Not only are they luxurious in how they look and feel, but they also perform like a dream. They are so soft. They are pricey, but I do feel the quality and uniqueness is there. Sonia G makes amazing fude brushes that have made my makeup application more efficient and smoothly. My makeup brushes before we’re super scratchy and didn’t blend makeup well. I always thought it was me or the product I was using, but after using Sonia G brushes, I have found my application is much better, because the brushes pick up product and blend things effortlessly. I love my fude brushes and my Sonia G brushes are so unique, yet functional. I can’t wait to get the Sky Face set once that becomes available again. If you are on the fence, go for it! Her brushes are worth the price and sell out quickly.

So amazing I may need to order a backup!

I just recently got into fude brushes, and was not sure I should get blue squirrel brushes as my skin tends to be getting oily again. My favorite brushes for setting powder under eyes is this brush and the Hakuhodo J116. I have chubby cheeks and found that this brush is big enough to apply blush to my cheeks, and is really does live up to its name - my blush really does look airbrush. I love this brush so much that I’m considering getting another one just so I can have two.


I’ve used many cleanser from high to low, and this one is such an amazing value. It cleanses without stripping the skin. I love how it’s fragrance free. I use this as my morning cleanse to prep it for my makeup. Fabulous and will continue to use this.

Perfect for hooded eyes!

My love for fude brushes started after I got the Sonia G pro set in December ‘19. Ever since then, I’ve been slowly adding more fude brushes to my collection. This set it ideal for all eye shapes and fantastic for those with hooded eyes. I have hooded eyes and I’m impatient when it comes to blending my eyeshadow and I also tend to have a heavy hand. I have found that these brushes make my eyeshadow apply effortlessly and really elevate my blending game. Fude brushes have brought me much joy and excitement to my makeup routine, and I appreciate and cherish these brushes every morning when I get ready for my day. I know it’s cheesy and sappy, but as a mother with two small kids, I look forward to my personal time every day where I show a little self love and care to myself, and these brushes really do play a significant role in my daily beauty routine.

Must Have for Hooded Eyes

These brushes are amazing if you have a heavy hand when applying makeup or have small eyes. These brushes pick up eyeshadow pigments and blend them effortlessly without making it look muddy. I own eye brush sets from Sonia G, Rephr, and now these. I can say that although the handle is very lightweight, they do not feel inexpensive. The bristles are very soft and they look luxurious in my makeup toolset arsenal. I am very pleased with them and will now collect lux face brush sets.