Beauty Product Reviews

Surprised by how much I like this

I'm surprised by to how much I like this. When I see full coverage foundation I usually think heavy and cakey, but this product isn't.

The powder feels very light, easy to apply, and blurring.

The puff does as intended. I'm glad each side of the puff has a separate purpose and I'm glad two separate puffs with different textures weren't required to apply the product.

The only reason I give it a 4 star is because it's not fully my shade, but Wayne did say more shades will be added later.

Not what I was expecting

When I opened the bullet I was intimidated by the glitter that’s around it. Once I put it on my lips my concerns went away. It does have the feel of a long lasting lip balm and it does have the shine factor. The only reason I gave it a 4 stars was because I could see the glitter building up the more layers one is to apply at a time. Overall, I’m happy with my purchase

I know, I know.. It's spendy

I know this is spendy, but he quality is top notch. You can tell this product was made with care. I can see this lasting me for more than a decade. I'm glad I picked it up.

I would buy this toner in packs of 10 if it were available

I really like how this toner does wonders on my skin but doesn't dry it out. I noticed within the first month of use I had less hyperpigmentation.

save your money

This didn't absorb into my skin. I will never buy this again. The 3 stars are because I felt like being nice

Great for removing anything waterproof

I really like how this feels on my skin and smells. It removes waterproof makeup, which is a plus. The smell makes me want to eat it.

The foundation brush though

The fusion seat is great. I like how the foundation brush applied foundation. It doesn't streak. Both concealer brushes blend out to leave the skin smooth. I'm very happy with my purchase.

Nice shade of plum

I really like this formula. Although it’s a matte formula it still behaves like a lipstick. Yes, you still still need to reapply, it’s a lipstick. Either way, I love the color and the feel.

Very impressed

This cream glides on so well. I love that its fragrance free and leaves my skin hydrated all day.

So cute!

I'm not a sponge Bob fan but these sponges are so cute. They also work so it's a win win. I'm glad I purchased them

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